Benefits of AMS Honeycomb Frame Guards

We just changed the copy of our product descriptions to facilitate understand the benefits. Now Benefits and Specifications are completely separated, because Benefits are what matter the most:

Installation of a AMS Frame Guard for cable wear protection


  • Get rid of frame chips and cable wear on the frame. Because this is way you need Frame Guards, to keep your bike frame as new, to keep it beautiful, and to keep high the reselling value.
  • Don't ruin the look of your bike. Improve it. And if the Frame Guard, does not only cover, but also improves the look thanks to it's cool look and feel ... Bingo!!!
  • Super easy to install, even on the most difficult curves. Fool proof. Yes, fool proof, because on temperatures around or above 20ºC it will adapt to any surface. Doesn't matter how difficult it is.
  • Will last longer than your bike. We're using automotive technology, that will probably last longer than your bike, you'll only want to change the Frame Guard, for a new design or color.
  • Designed for universal fitting. Why messing around with custom built Frame Guards for the XX Brand, YY Model ZZ Year?. Come on ... it's almost 2014!!!
  • The clear/translucent version is perfect for protecting new frames or for protection without visual impact. And the black one is perfect for covering already damaged frames or dark ones.
  • FREE Postal Shipping Worldwide. But if you're in a hurry, we can also send it to you by Express Service.

Frame Guard on a Ibis HD Mojo