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AMS Frame Guard customer pics VIII

Here we have more customer pics from our acclaimed AMS Frame Guards.


And let's start with some, let's say it, bike porn. Have a look at this Yeti SB66C beauty. Spot the Frame Guards?:
Gorgeous YETI SB66C from All Mountain Style customer


And now let's have a look at a very well protected top tube on a Trek Session DH: 
Lorena Dromund's Trek Session with AMS Frame Guards


... and some cable protection in the front also:
Cable rub protection from AMS on a Trek Session DH


And another Yeti in the AMS friends family. Have a look at how he protected the seat tube rear side as well as the top tube. Neat, and beautiful:
Yeti All Mountain Style frame protection


A closer look at the full top tube protection on the Yeti 575:
Yeti 575 top tube protection by AMS
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