Drop in #Style with Leo Kast

AMS rider Leo Kast prepared a drop tutorial for you, AMS readers:

In the video you can see 3 different Drops and a chicken line.

On the chicken line you only have to stretch the arms to compensate the height difference. Easy stuff. 

You can learn the Basic Drop Technique on the scenes where Leo is riding very slowly. Manual the front wheel over the drop edge, wait until the rear wheel reaches the drop edge and then move your torso back into a central position to balance the bike in the air and to align it with the landing angle.

On the faster rides, Leo executes the Race Drop Technique, in which you don't need to actively manual the front wheel but you just have to make sure to have enough leg and arm room to balance the bike in the air. Notice how shortly before landing, legs and arms are almost stretched out for maximum impact absorption.

Practice starting on small drops, such as on a curb or small wall, and build height gradually as you gain confidence. 

And always smile!!.

Mountain biking is about fun