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Strava Garmin versus Strava on Galaxy on a short Enduro ride

After listening and reading about Strava precision on different devices, most precisely comments regarding better times when recording your rides on the iPhone, I decided to test it personally on a short lunch-time Enduro ride.

AMS Strava short Enduro Ride

First of all, I have to admit I'm a great fan of Strava. As with any new technology, a good bunch of people is criticizing it, but I'm sure, using some common sense is a great tool for discovering new trails, no have fun challenging friends, and to challenge yourself.

Of course you SHOULD always respect the rest of the trail users. Trails are not yours.

The test was carried out with a Garmin 310XT Forerunner versus Strava App on a Samsung Galaxy S3 on a short Enduro ride near our headquarters.

Let's analyze the results on some segments of the ride.


1st segment. Segment "Baixada Diposit a Camí Flor de Maig":

Strava segment by All Mountain Style

Description: Short descent, with roots and quite wet

Distance: 200m; Avg.Grade: -9%; Elev.Difference: -22m

Garmin 310XT result: 40 seconds. My 2nd best time ever.

Galaxy S3 result: 43 seconds

Result: Garmin 6.9% faster


2nd segment. Segment "Carrer de la Ginesta Climb":

AMS Strava segment Carrer Ginesta

Description: Technical ascent, with very technical sections and very slippery when wet (as was on this ride)

Distance: 1300m; Avg.Grade: +7%; Elev.Difference: +90m

Garmin 310XT result: 11min 40 seconds

Galaxy S3 result: 11min 35 seconds

Result: Galaxy S3 0.7% faster


3rd segment. Segment "Trialera Torre Forestal":

Trialera Torre Forestal Strava AMS

Description: Fast, and narrow descent, with roots, rock gardens and a fast sweeping finish.

Distance: 1100m; Avg.Grade: -6%; Elev.Difference: -81m

Garmin 310XT result: 3min 35 seconds

Galaxy S3 result: 3min 41 seconds

Result: Garmin 2.7% faster


4th segment. Segment "Can Coll a BucleLand":

Strava AMS

Description: Easy trail ascent, quite muddy on this ride.

Distance: 1700m; Avg.Grade: +3%; Elev.Difference: +64m

Garmin 310XT result: 8min 37 seconds

Galaxy S3 result: 8min 40 seconds

Result: Garmin 0.6% faster


5th segment. Segment "GdC Piedras Caballos":

AMS Strava segment Piedras Caballos

Description: Short uphill, followed by a short steep and veeery technical descent.

Distance: 600m; Avg.Grade: -5%; Elev.Difference: -35m

Garmin 310XT result: 2min 04 seconds. My personal best and 11th overall

Galaxy S3 result: 2min 07 seconds

Result: Garmin 2.4% faster


Overall in all 5 segments:

Garmin 310XT result: 26min 36 seconds

Galaxy S3 result: 26min 46 seconds

Result: Garmin 0.6% faster


Overall in the 2 ascent segments: 

Garmin 310XT result: 20min 17 seconds

Galaxy S3 result: 20min 15 seconds

Result: Galaxy S3 0.2% faster


Overall in the 3 descent segments: 

Garmin 310XT result: 6min 19 seconds

Galaxy S3 result: 6min 31 seconds

Result: Garmin 3.1% faster


Suming up, and at least on this test none of the rumors were true. Overall, the results are almost the same with a 0.6% difference, being Galaxy S3 scoring faster segment on ascents, while Garmin scoring them on descents. Good job Strava!!! 


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