AMS Om Stem story part I. Om, and the beauty of lightness.

Dr. Duncan "Om" MacDougall, was an american physician who sought to measure the mass of the soul of the human body at the beginning of the XX century. He concluded than the human soul weighs 21 grams.

Duncan Om and the beauty of lightness

What the hell relates this to mountain biking in general and All Mountain Style in particular?. Well, very much. 

From the very beginning we decided to design a stem. A stem for All Mountain, Enduro and DH. A stem without limiting factors other than strength and durability, and where being lightest or one of the lightest in the market was a key factor.

We were so obsessed with the weight as Mr. "Om" was. We selected some benchmarks in the market, analyzed them, weighted them, tested them, broke them and planned our attack plan: we should follow our core values of good design, innovation and local manufacturing, but weight saving was a key objective in this project.


Some benchmark stems for the All Mountain Style one 


And the name was decided: "Om", the All Mountain / Enduro / DH stem designed and developed to be the best and the most beautiful. Without cost restraints.


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