AMS Om Stem story part II. Design and iteration

For the design phase we were looking for a young, out of the box designer. We were looking from someone far from the industry, far from the establishment, but with a passion to innovate and technical knowledge. We met Andreu Carulla Studio. It was a perfect fit.

Andreu Carulla was recognised as the most promising young designer in Europe, with a great design portfolio and for very different industries, as for example working for the best restaurant in the world "El Celler de Can Roca" and who from his own words, sees design as a way for "creating products that are lively and bright, trying to put a smile on the owner’s face". Perfect match. We were sold.

AMS team engineering and project management expertise, together with Andreu's product design and our industrial partner was a winning team.  

But as with any challenging project in our career, it wouldn't be easy.

Design and development process followed at AMS

Design is an iteration process: sketches > 3D > rapid prototyping > functional prototypes. It's a fun, but long process. In the end a good product can't be rushed, it needs it's time.

AMS Om stem design process

We were quite straightforward, but at the same time, we made some mistakes, as giving an OK to a rapid prototyping without mounting the part on the bike. It was a different product seen on the bike and out of it. A mistake that forced us to completely redesign the stem. A mistake we learned from. A rookie mistake. But in the end a good one to have: we only lost 3 months and a some hard earned euros.

And the result from the redesign was a gorgeous product. A product we're proud of. 

It was time for prototype production and testing.


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