Katy Winton, new AMS ambassador

ALL MOUNTAIN STYLE just incorporated, the 20 year old, Scottish enduro rider Katy Winton to its international team of ambassadors. Katy will use AMS Frame Guards and other future products on her bikes while racing and riding all over the world. “I’m so excited to be an ambassador for All Mountain Style, my new bike is coming soon and I’m stoked that it’s never going to lose a battle with a rock or get annoying cable rub thanks to the frame guards! The guys behind AMS are super cool and positive so it’s great to be working with them and to be representing a quality product that stands out from all the rest in its field! These frame guards look sweet and keep my bike looking sweet, it’s a win win!” 

Katy broke her wrist back at the final round of the Enduro World Series in Finale and has been out all winter. Her recovery is now going well and although she will miss the first World Enduro Series round in Chile her plans are to race the rest of the Enduro World Series, some Specialized SRAM Enduros series in Germany, Scottish Enduro, some French Enduro series, and some Irish Enduro races. A packed calendar.

Katy Winton AMS ambassador

ALL MOUNTAIN STYLE designs, develops and makes innovative mountain bike parts from Barcelona to the whole world, specially for the trail, allmountain and enduro segments. Adding Katy Winton to the ambassador team will help with brand recognition all over the world and in particular in Scotland and UK. “Katy is a young talent, with a healthy and friendly image that we liked and that we’re sure will represent us very well all over the world where she will be racing and riding all year long”.

We wish Katy a successful and fun year, and to do it in #style, #AllMountainStyle

Katy Winton AMS ambassador enduro riding