AMS Honeycomb Frame Guards on fat bikes

The folks at MN Bike Trail Navigator decided to give a test to our Honeycomb Frame Guards on their Fat Bikes.

Fat Bikes + Harsh Winter in Minnesota? Ice, snow, mud, gravel. Sounds like a tough test:

9:zero Fat Bike with AMS Frame Guards

And know what?. They loved them: 

"After a long, cold winter and quite a few messy spring gravel rides, the AMS Frame Guards did the job at protecting the paint and frame.  There were no impact marks, chips, scratches or rub marks on the covered areas.  Throughout all of the wet conditions experienced, the AMS Frame Guards stayed securely adhered to the frame without any peeling or signs of coming loose along their edges".

Click on the photo below for the complete article: 

Downtube on a Fat Bike properly protected by AMS