Is Enduro at EWS level getting too dangerous?

First round of 2014 Enduro World Series at Chile has been an amazing event. We have not been there, but from the comments of one of our riders, and all the reports over the internet it seems both the montenbaik team and the EWS team did a flawless job.

But, there's a tiny bitter feeling on what we've seen.

Josh Carlson had a high speed crash during testing that sent him out of raceday. Watch his own video. Fabien Barel got a nasty crash at special stage 1, and even tough he managed to finish the day, we now know that it was a bad crash with a fractured vertebra and that he risked his future mobility finishing the stage. Get well soon Fab.

Fabien Barel broken back at hospital

We watched some minor, but high speed crashes from Nico Lau (min 1:55), and Anne Caroline Chausson (min 2:45) at the following video:


And a violent over the bars, nasty crash, and equally impressive fast recover and bike pick up from Florian Nicolai: 


The level of the sport is increasing at an accelerated path, stages are long and physically demanding, and some of them are hard and difficult enough to be at the DH World Cup.

Is it a safer discipline than Downhill? Not sure.

And, should it be? Not sure.

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