AMS Om Stem story part III. Prototyping and Testing.

Prototyping and testing are fun:  getting your hands dirty ... facing user problems ... learning how physical things work. 

In a world of bits, working with atoms is great.

AMS stem prototyping

We followed the international standard for mountainbike handlebar and stem testing. And we found it ... ummm how to say it politically correct ... weak. We have spent a lot of our engineering life developing automotive components and whole vehicles, and we found the international tests too soft. We were used to more severe and extreme testing standards. So we looked for what one of the industry leaders made and followed that.

And as we passed all tests even with this higher standards, we decided to increase it even a little further.

AMS Om Stem fatigue testing

Being a maker is gorgeous. Hard, but fun, and forces you to rethink that the objective is not to reach a destination, the objective is to haven fun while you travel to your destination. And to get to a product you'll be proud of.

We had some sourcing problems, we had some budget problems, we had some you name it problems. But we made it.

We're proud to present to you the new benchmark on Trail, Enduro, DH stems: a piece of art, extensively machined for a total weight of just 121 grams, super low stack to allow you to better adjust your cockpit height, super wide handlebar clamp for increased torsional rigidity and reduced stress on the handlebar, fully laser engraved to longlife graphics durability.

Here it is, the AMS Om stem 45. Go get it.