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Race Report: Citysprint downhill race Bühlertann (Castle-Downhill)

AMS ambassador Leo Kast race report from Citysprint downhill race Bühlertann (Castle-Downhill):

On April 26, I drove with Timo Kreckel and Matt Root to the 2nd Citysprint downhill race of the MSV Bühlertann. 

Arrived we met a few known faces such as Andreas Stein and Dennis Brown, who joined us to the paddock. As soon logged in we took the shuttle to the start, to inspect the track. 
Although the course was in large part across meadow, but really made ​​fun in their own way. Fitted with a small stone field and some jumps, the aim was to push away. Also, it went a little through the woods, or rather small groups of trees with slight turns on loose soil. Total of a route on which one needs a lot of power in the legs to make a decent time, but also a lot of skill to win.

In qualifying it then started to test myself and see what time I crossed the finish line. I have tried my condition in the qualifying to put to the test and the pedal passages and braking points exactly to memorize me that I needed for a safe run. Very important for me, it was also fast enough to roll over the stone field, because I drove with slim folding tires, was at this point the risk to get me a flat tire with which the race would be over for me. So almost 3 bar on the rear tire and front heavy over the stone field.

With a time of 2:09 minutes I came in the qualification to the finish, while the fastest driver needed 1:56 minutes. I could appreciate me and knew a few seconds can I improve myself, but if I can do it to drive less than 2 minutes, which was doubtful.

Leo Kast AMS ambassador dropping

After a long break we took the shuttle up to the start. As soon as I stepped on the wooden platform of the start, it began again ... nervousness ... my heart beat and breathing became stronger. Unpleasant, but pushes this excitement before the start and increases concentration. Once the last 2 seconds shall show on the start clock for my start, all nervousness vanished and I pedaled hard. From then on task was to ride clean and coordinated with endurance.
Without mistakes and clean on my level, I drove with a time of 2:04,70 minutes to the finish and thus was ranked 19 out of 50 starters in my class.
I was very happy with my performance, even though I speak a little disappointed in my video. Important for me to give my best without running the risk of a fatal mistake.

My friends Timo Krekel and Matt Root also gave their best and so drove was as expected nothing else from me; Matt on 2nd place! Dennis Brown an old friend of Matt even took 1st place in our class with a time of 1:51,44 minutes and was the fastest rider of the event. In the subsequent "Catch me if you can" race, the three best of all classes "Le Man's start" faced each other at the same time, Matt Root was ranked first

Pretty cheerful and happy we made our on the way home ... a very beautiful event!



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