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Race Report: CIMBA DH Series

AMS ambassador Richard Payne raced, and won, last weekend at CIMBA DH Series. Here you have his race report.

Richard Payne AMS ambassador at the car

So the weekend gone saw the second round of the Channel Island mtb association DH series held on a new course made especially for the event. I had missed the first round as it clashed with the the first round of the UK gravity enduro series so was looking forward to the first race of the year on home soil.

The run up to the race was seeing some horrendous wether with rain and strong winds which didn't fare well for the new course as it had some muddy pedally sections in and some real steep spots aswell however the sun managed to start to shine through come race morning and in practice the wet slimy mud started to turn a little sticky as practice started, with that carnage followed with a lot of people going down on the steeper sections as tyres were clogging up and some nice big scalextrix ruts swell with a few rocks in just for good measure were pitching people left right and centre. 

Rich Payne, AMS ambassador racing at Jersey

Run 1. I had a good first run with the aim of just staying on and having a clean steady run having seen so much carnage in practice, there were a few little mistakes made but nothing major and managed to come in first 5 seconds clear of second which really shocked me as the track was only a minute long and gave me alot of confidence to go quicker the second run and break the minute barrier.

Rich Payne, AMS ambassador racing at CIMBA race

Run 2. Whilst sitting on the line i could feel specs of rain coming down…..not good luckily it didn't come to much and by now the track was drying up to become tacky so there was a little more grip in the corners, i knew the middle pedally section was going to be a slog but as the timer gave me the go ahead i got on the gas and just thought it was all or nothing as i had a comfortable lead and a few sketchy moments later i soon settled into a rhythm and started to rally nail the ruts and before i knew it i was across the line and a second quicker being the only person to break the minute barrier with a time of 59.8. Stoked.

Rich Payne, AMS ambassador going for it

All in all it was a great race and the sun even came out for good at the end. Massive thanks to CIMBA, CCC and Allmountainstyle.com. Roll on the next one.


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