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Race Report: Copa Catalana Enduro at Bitem

Catalan Enduro racer and AMS ambassador Chippie, race last weekend at round #3 from the catalan Enduro championship alongside the sergeant Cedric Gracia


The conditions were hot and the terrain was very dry and rocky, which ended in a hard race that the organizers spiced up with some nice drops and jumps spreaded over the 5 special stages.

Chippie managed to get a 20th in the Master category while Cedric finished the race at second overall.  


Iban Chippie Azoz jumping at Bitem

Chippie enjoying some of the drops spread over the special stages

Cedric AMS ambassador at Bitem

Drops that were the perfect playground for Mr. Gracia

Enduro Bitem Chippie Azoz AMS ambassador

Bitem area is very dry and hot. Can't imagine the conditions in the middle of the summer

Cedric Gracia droping in Bitem

Cedric's riding is always a joy


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