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Race Report: UK Gravity Enduro at Dyfi Forest, Wales

Our AMS rider, Richard Payne, raced at the UKGE race at Dyfi Forest in Wales, and debuted the AMS Om Stem 45 in an official race. Read what the race has prepared for him:

Rich Payne cockpit at UKGE race 

So it all stared as it normally does on a midday friday when i first went out to get some practice and to see what the organisers would throw at us this time, I only did a couple stages on the friday just to see what things were like and to see if any bike changes need to be done and after checking out a couple high speed stages they did indeed things were looking fast and awesome. With changes done and saturday arriving bright and early me and a couple buddies geared up to head out and do a full lap despite the bad weather threatening spirits were high and after a little session yesterday and a few tweeks to the bike to accommodate the fast stages i was looking forward to getting out there and throwing some shapes. 

AMS rider Rich Payne, through the mud and root sections

Lap done and the stages were varied from an absolutely flat sticks stage 1 and 5 to a way more technical stage 4 full of mud, ruts and roots. It was great to ride a loop with such variety in it and at a good length aswell at about 24 miles with a decent amount of climbing and descending racing was going to be a tight one. With qualifying looming stage 5 which was also the seeing run was wide open through fields with loads of flat grassy turns and natural drops and was super quick, now its safe to say Jersey doesn't have a lot of flat out wide open spaces so this was a little new for me but i was loving it anyway and despite not carrying quite as much speed through the turns as id have liked i still came in a solid 6th feeling like i had more to give on race day.

Rich Payne charging a steep section at Wales

Racing started on the sunday morning with the weather again threatening to put a dampener on things racing got under any way and with an hour to the start of stage 1 I set of cruising slowly up the fire roads chatting away to the other guys around me unbeknown to what was coming. Stage 1 and 2 done and dusted with a few cock ups at the start of stage 1 and stage 2 taken steadily but smoothly i knocked up two more 6th place finishes on both stages proving consistency then after another fairly long ride to stage 3 which was the most trail centre style of all the stages i knew i had to pick up the pace. So with that in mind i set of then 2 corners in disaster struck and without even knowing it was possible i simultaneously snapped my chain and ripped my cleat out of my shoe catapulting me over the bars and effectively making it game over as by the time i untangle myself and realised what had happened i dropped about 2 minutes 15 on that stage alone.

Soldiering on i completed stages 4 and 5 and even managed to get times just out side the top 10 despite riding my clippy pedal as if it were a flat just to try and get any points to keep me in contention for a top 3 overall in the series.

Limping back to the pits at the end of the race i was feeling slightly gutted to say the least but the event had been awesome and well organised as ever and the weather held up massive thanks to allmountianstyle.com and the Ceaserean Cycling Club Jersey for ongoing support.

Privateer racing atmosphere

Peace out until next time.


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