Leo Kast starts teaching

AMS rider and ambassador Leo Kast is just starting a new career in mountain biking: teaching mtb skills. Read from his own words about the experience

Leo Kast loves to tech mtb skills

"I was looking forward to the date of my first private riding skills course in Emser Bike Park for 5 weeks. I prepared it intensively, as I never did a course before, so I had no action plan.

In the meantime, I got the opportunity to meet long-standing expert in "riding skills coaching" Marc Brodesser. Marc instructed me a little and gave some tips in terms of the coaching. Marc Brodesser will continue to train me and give me his special methodology of mountain bike riding skills coaching.

The day arrived. I met up at 10am with Björn, Simon, Thilo, Christoph, Manu and Thorsten in the parking lot at Emser Bike Park. After we got to know us, we started quickly with the course. In order to avoid losing time I carefully crafted a small script to be able to cover the most important skills in order to have a successful training session for the participants.

For me, teaching all the basic riding techniques and working with the guys was a great experience. Again it was proven than basic skills are the most important, as you build your technique all over them.

I've never spoke so much as today never before!!!. But it has been fun fun because the guys were very pleasant, quickly we became friends and the course was on a relaxed level. We have gone through some different driving techniques and repeated various elements. When we finished the course, I was very pleased with the positive feedback for my first riding skills training. Exhausted but happy we went back home after a long day at the park.

I still don't give official courses, but I'm already planning the first dates for next march"

Leo teaching how to jump