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Viktoria Gimenez interview

Hope you know who Viktoria Gimenez is. If not, learn more about, Vik, who apart from being All Mountain Style ambassador, is one of the main promises of the DH scene in the coming years.

Vik Gimenez interview at ams.bike

AllMountainStyle.com: Hello Vik, let's start by asking to present yourself and to tell us a litle bit of your biking background 


Viktoria Gimenez: Hi everybody!!. My name is Viktoria Gimenez but let's call me Vik. I'm 17 years old and I ride bike since I was 8. This year I had a really moved year, because I had some injuries like tearing my ligaments just ten days before the world champs which reduced a lot my strength.
AMS: Moving to racing bikes. Which are your racing and riding plans for the rest of 2014 and 2015 
VG: Next year I want to be more present on international races, I'll be on most of the downhill world cups, on some IXS cups and maybe on one or two EWS like Zona Zero (Spain) and Finale Ligure (Italy). My main objective is to win the World Champs in Vallnord! 


Vik Gimenez wants to be World Champ in Vallnord


AMS: How an amateur racer like you combines racing on the weekends, school and family?
VG: It's not such easy to combine everything and last year I was not so good but this year I'm getting better! It's a lot of work because you have to do everything in a time in which normally, all the other people have to do just one thing, so you have to do everything fast and well, because I don't want to leave school for the moment. For me it's really important to keep studying just in case something bad happens. 
AMS: Racing the same track than the boys is for sure good for women recognition and to show how fast you are down the hill. But, from your point of view, what should be done to get the same level of attention than boys?


VG: I think the Live Webcast on Red Bull TV should improve the women coverage, and not to limit just to the first fifth. And globally we need better communication to attract other women to ride and compete on bikes. That's  sure we don't ride like men but we are working hard to be better and better! 


Vik Gimenez, regional champ, with AMS


AMS: Back at home, do you ride mainly for training or just to have fun
VG: Last year, during winter I rode just for fun but this winter I'm gonna take a personal trainer to be really ready for next year but I think it's important to keep also the fun factor of the ride every time! 
AMS: How is the mountain bike scene in your area?
VG: For me the World Cup tracks are difficult, because they are getting faster and faster and at the same time very technical with lots of rockgardens, jumps, etc. that make them challenging. I think enduro is a discipline which is gonna be really popular during the next years because that's the mountain biking of all the people which didn't race, when you want to take your bike and go ride you want to go up and than go down, there aren't a lot of chairlifts so it's easier to do enduro! For me the best of mountain biking is pushing the limits, always go faster and better, that's a concentrate of adrenaline and it's really addictive. The ambiance on the paddock during a race is also so good, everyone is working, but everybody is talking to the other so it really cool! 


Vik, AMS rider on the Enduro bike
AMS: If you only had to have one bike. Which one would you choose? 


VG: If i had to choose just one bike... Difficult ... but I think I'd take the enduro bike. 


AMS: Which is the best place where you ever rode?
VG: I really enjoyed Hafjell this year: the track was so good, I enjoy ride near my house too, there are a lot of tracks I enjoy I think it's impossible to choose one! 


Viktoria Gimenez, future DH World Champ
AMS: And last but not least, which is your advice for someone who want to become pro?


VG: Ummmm... First, is to realise there are bad and good points and that you have to work hard on it! Then I'd say to keep the fun factor is the most important. If you don't have fun, you'll ride bad!. It's also important to know your limits. Try to push them but don't do stupid things that can hurt yourself. And work! 


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