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Race Report: EWS Samoens by the Rocky Mountain Urge bp team

Nice report from our colleagues from the Rocky Mountain Urge bp Rally Team. Seat and enjoy:

Florian Nicolai wheeling on Samoens

Ews Samoens, France. Back to the roots of the European Enduro races in the heart of the Alps, the fourth rounds of the EWS took place in the Haute-Savoie. The calm little alpine town of Samoens has been assailed by more than 300 riders from all over the world. We have been waiting for this round and the frenchies of the Team were very excited to race in front of our home crowd. Sadly, Jesse had no choice than staying at home to watch the battle that was about to happen across the Atlantic. He is still recovering from a broken ankle and will be back stronger soon enough.

Rocky Mountain Urge bp AMS team

The race format this time allowed us to walk one stage on Friday and then to ride each stages before to do it on a clock. If you wonder why every rider that has already been in Samoens is always a bit worried about this round you should have been there on Saturday! From pouring rain on the first stage to a bright sunshine for the two others. From mud on Saturday to dust and a super loose terrain on Sunday. You never know what to expect !

Florian started his weekend not in the best way. A little mechanic and a physical stage put him in 20th. It was only to light a fire in him ! 2nd and 3rd on the stages 2 and 3. He would only confirm his incredible form on Sunday with a 2nd place on the very long and demanding stage 4. He missed the podium by one step this weekend, 4th, but get a spot on the overall standings.. 2nd ! It’s mid season and it has never been that exciting.

Warp speed by Urge Bp Rally Team

I would love to tell you that Alex has finally the race is looking for but one more time he had a mechanical on the stage 4. All his hope gone as in between the stage 4 and 5 we had no way to have an assistance from our mechanics. That was the only time of the weekend we would not pass to the pit in between stages. He managed to finish his day and still ranked 35th but far from what he could do. Fingers crossed that the bad luck will finally leave him for the next round !

Peter, our American, had a rad time in France as he stayed for almost 3 weeks. He experienced the French living and flight back to Alaska with a 67th place and a big smile under his moustache.

In the women's field, I had a consistent weekend and ranked 4th ! I love to race downhill stages and the more fun I’m having, the better my result is. I had my best performance ever on the steep stage 2 with a 2nd place.

Isabeau Courdourier

We are all now focusing on the next one and packing up. We know what awaits us in Colorado.. Altitude sickness !


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