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Race Report: UKGE Rd 4 at Ae forest

AMS ambassador Richard Payne, and the rest of the All Mountain Style - Remap Clothing team were racing last weekend at the Ae Forest, for the UK Gravity Enduro round 4. Here you their race report: 

Rich Payne racing AMS at UKGE race 4

This time round the travelling circus that is the UK Gravity Enduro series headed to the much loved Ae Forest in Scotland for round 4 and team Remap Allmountainstyle.com were not missing out on this classic venue with wild downhills, awesome technical sections and some high speeds it was sure to be a goodun

On arrival at the event we found out that four of the stages started of at the same point which made for a slightly tedious liaison stage having to repeat it a few times but we were soon rewarded when we got to the top with awesome views and amazing trails to head back down on. Stage1 and 4 were a great mix of some fresh cut sections with a sprinkling of trail centre then some wide-open fast sections whilst stage 2 had a brand new top section before the physical bottom trail section. Stage 3 was a mud pit with ruts everywhere sneaky roots waiting to get you and new steep sections riding wild, then finally stage 5/seeding was an all out old school downhill fest which proved to be the most popular stage.

Paddock place for the race

In practice boh riders were loving the mixture of stages with Richard and Toby really finding there grooves and getting up to speed. In qualifying things for the best part went to plan with Toby absolutely storming it to take his first 1st in qualifying whilst Rich had a couple crashes dropping him to 19th but knowing his pace was good. So it was back to the pits for some prepping and one tuning mixed in with a little bit of praying that the scottish weather would hold off.

With race day arriving Scotland had been kind to us and we were in for a sunny day. Well rested and fed Tobe's nerves were playing on him a little as he'd be the last senior down whilst Rich was mid pack elite so just knew he had to charge all day. After 5 mixed stages with every type of terrain the organisers could have thrown at us Toby despite a few errors here and there kept up the run of good results and despite dropping to 4th got his best of the year, this was also the case for Rich who climbed up to get 12th overall in elite which was another season best.

AMS at the podium for the UKGE round 4

Toby Luce - 4th Senior Richard Payne - 12th Elite

A big thank you to the race organisers and marshals for a cracking event and also all our team and individual sponsors: Remap Clothing, All Mountain Style, Jersey Cycling association, Caesarean Cycling Club, The Cycle Centre


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