Oversized diameter Om stem 45

Do you need a much more stiffer option, than the original Om stem?

Here you have the AMS Om 45 for ø35mm handlebars:

AMS Om stem 45 ø35mm left quarter view

If a change from a 31.8 to a 35mm bar was not enough, we increased also the stack from 30mm (you can't find a stack so low in the market) to 35mm to further contribute to the torsional rigidity of the stem:

Front view of the 35mm version of the AMS Om stem 45

All in all for just a 19 grams increase:

AMS Om stem 45 ø35 and packaging

But we warn you: once you shift to oversized bar diameter, you'll never come back.

Why an oversized "Om"?. Richard Payne answers your question: "The ø35mm stem feels stiff and good to use, providing positive feedback in the corners and positive feedback when sprinting with snappy steering. All in all its fucking awesome"