AMS Frame Guard Product description

"Honeycomb, easy to install, frame protection for cool bikes". AMS Frame Guard

AMS Frame Guard is an adhesive, semi-rigid PVC, in a honeycomb structure that provides high impact and abrassion resistance. It has a very good ability to adapt to your bike frame curvature and allows repositioning while installing, thus facilitating placement. High-tech and cool looks for your beloved bike.

All Mountain Style Clear protector

Some Testimonials:

"I received and installed the All Mountain Style Frameguard on my bike. I’m impressed with the product quality and ease of installation! Looks and feels bulletproof! Shipping was fast and cost was reasonable! Highest recommendations!"

"Here in Greece temperatures rise very high. Up to 35 Degrees, and I was worried if the guard might unstuck from the frame (especially the small Parts ) but it didn’t .Never the less not to mention that, since I install it I stop worrying regarding stones hitting my carbon frame"

"Simply a great product, easy to fit and fast delivery!. Saves your valuable investment from marks and and damage. Too easy, no brainer!"

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Why we use a honeycomb structure material?. Because it provides a nice look and feel and allows to reduce thickness and weight to the minimum without affecting impact and wear resistance. It also allows also for very good adaptability to your bike frame curves, even in 2 different directions, significantly improving the installation process. 

We define the installation process, as fool-proof. A kid's game. Easy for you. Watch it:

Adhesive bike frame protection?. Yes, adhesive technology it's a very robust solution, used in automotive and spacecraft industry, from which we took our adhesive:

  • Super-strong, yet easy to remove applying heat with a heatgun or hairdryer
  • Cristal effect: perfectly invisible and traslucent adhesive
  • Lifelong UV durability, avoiding getting yellow over time

If you have fun, if you push your limits, your frame will notice it sooner or later. Protect your mountain bike frame from impacts and from cable wear professionally and with style with Keep it's reselling value as high as possible.

Paint chip on a mtb without Frame Protection



  • 9 parts for a universal protection system: 1 big part for the down tube;  5 arrow parts for extending the down tube protection or for the chainstay or for top tube to protect from brake lever impact; 3 circles for cable wear protection.
  • Available in several colors, backprinted for even longer durability
  • 380 microns semi-regid PVC
  • Honeycomb structure for high impact and wear resistance with minimum weight
  • Good ability to adapt to simple curves and allows repositioning, thus facilitating placement
  • Automotive-grade adhesive