Inside Mtb AMS Om 45 review

Inside Mtb AMS Om review


Inside Mtb did a very good review on our AMS Om stem. Click on the pics for the full review: 


"Holla the forest fairy! Here play together some aspects and give a more than harmonious concept. Weight, design and ergonomics make the AMS OM 45 at a real fun Bringer. Solely the price of 135 € could deter customers something. Just because the market of cheaper components in the area may have slightly oversaturated. However, the All Mountain Style is Stem quite worth the money, considering that it is manufactured in the EU. So if one or the other Euro sets like in the support of smaller factories in which values ​​such as quality, sustainability and design play an important role will not be disappointed"


Inside Mtb review of the AMS om stem 45