Your bikes: Myrna coloured up black Bronson

We love you, friends. We enjoy having a look and sharing your sick bike builds, and we're starting to publish some of them on our website. 

To start with: Myrna's awesome Bronson

Myrna's Santa Cruz Bronson fully loaded with AMS Magenta Frame Guard
"My drive and motivation to create this build were very simple. Mountain biking is a stress reliever for me it keeps my sanity. I work five days a week as a Registered Nurse and ride on weekends at different trails in Southern California and often do night rides during the week. I get to meet a lot of fellow mountain bikers, make new friends and get to ride with many different types of people that shares the same passion. I wanted to create a bike that I could take pride in, a combination of aesthetics and performance. It had to be unique, representing strength, yet still being identifiable as a women's bike. This led me to choose the Santa Cruz Bronson CC 2015 frame. From there I chose the components that compliment me as a rider. The graphics and decals came to me as a perfect fit because I liked the magenta on the bike but not the green and the aqua was a perfect compliment to it. They were the last piece to my build, not to mention your frame protection. I feel as you need to ride in style, so even when your pushing yourself to the limit you still look good"
AMS Fork Guard clear on a Santa Cruz bike
Myrna front view of his Santa Cruz Bronson
Myrna's ready to ride
Ride in #Style
Ride #AllMountainStyle