Should Enduro racing tracks be kept secret?

An interesting debate and controversy about the recent announcement, 1 month before the official race, of the tracks for the first race of the World Enduro Series in Punta Ala, Italy.

There are opinions favoring the possibility to train the exact track 1 month before, and opinions in favour of the Enduro spirit for racing blind. What do you think?

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This is our point of view:

Enduro should not be a long distance Downhill race with some pedaling between legs. 

Enduro should be raced blind, or maximum, allowing to train the day before the race to avoid too risky situations. But being able to train 1 month before? Why? Only because of business?. If so, Enduro in in the wrong path. 

The riders who are there for winning, pro-riders and wannabe pro-riders are still able to ride in the zone 1, 2, 3 months before, but without knowing the exact race tracks