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How to get your (enduro) mountain bike lighter

There are lots of forums posts, magazine articles and sunday arguments on reducing weight on our beloved mountain bikes, let it be Enduro, All Mountain, XC, etc ...

You can start by the drivetrain and go for the fancy 1x10 drivetrain, that apart of saving a good amount of weight makes your bike simpler, and simpler means less opportunity to break things, and simpler riding, with more focus on what you really have to do: ripping the trails, not shifting gears. 

Photo my Matt Wragg

Photo by Matt Wragg

But even with the 1x10, you'd probably need some sort of chain guide. Yo can also save some grams over here with minimalist and "carbon intesive" parts: 

Photo from Pinkbike.com

 A good cockpit (handlebar and stem) would help a whole lot, not only in the weight department, but also in the looks of your bike and the performance. You don't need to go to carbon. You'd save some money and avoid nasty breakages, and there are many light aluminium handlebars and stems out there.  

Photo from bikerumor.com

 And now the wheels, starting by the rims. This is probably where weight savings offer the better results, because apart from saving overall weight, you save unsprung mass, that is, weight not managed by your suspension system, thus weight that affects heavily your riding ... and manufacturers now it, so expect a good amount of your money leaving your pockets to improve on this department.

What about the coming SRAM, carbon wheels? Nearly 2.000 €!!!. 

And now is the turn for the tyres. They, as well as the rims, form part of the important unsprung mass category, so careful attention to them is a must. Our advice here?. Forget about weight for a moment, decide if you need tubeless or not, and get a couple of tyres that offer you traction and confidence to push your limits. If your confident you can ride faster, even with 100 grams more on your tyres.

And now you have to stop that beast, don't you?. And yes, brake discs are also part of the famous unsprung mass, so why not going for carbon discs?

 Nah. Carbon discs are used in motorsport where you need to stop half a ton from 300 Kmh to 60 Kmh in 150 m. You don't need that for your bike, and you won't save more than 20 grams anyway. Skip that if you're looking to save weight.

Now is the turn to drop some accessories. Get rid of anything you don't really need. You don't want your bike look like a Christmas Tree, do you?

 Get rid of any frame protection ... Ups, wait a moment!!!.

Think again. Our Frame Guards are only around 20grams net weight, so don't be fool and keep them, because they'll keep your frame in perfect condition and would save you some cash if you sell your frame or bike some day in the future: 

So now you have spent a whole lot of money and you saved ... 1500 grams?. This is ridiculous.

For sure we love mountain biking and enjoy the process of improving our bike, but wait for a moment and think for example how does your backpack weights?. Do you need all the water you carry?. Do you need that big repairing kit?. Do you need extra gloves? ... Probably you can save more than those 1500 grams on unnecessary gear.

But, there's even a bigger improvemet you can make. You can improve yourself:

Lose weight by riding more (not through diets), by training more (cardio and strength). Your riding will improve, your endurance will improve, and you'll be faster and enjoy a lot more.

Get lean.

You don't need to get skinny as a professional road racer:

 But neither need this on you:


So. to sum up: Ride More and pay more attention to yourself.



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