AMS Frame Guard customer pics V

Intense Tracer 27.5" protected with the clear version, allowing to show and make even more beautiful, it's red color:

Clear Frame Protection on Intense red mountain bike

Intense Tracer protected with AMS Frame Guards

Beautiful MDE Carve Enduro protected with AMS Frame Guard black:

MDE Carve Enduro protected with AMS Frame Guard black

Another point of vie of this beauty:

MDE Carve Enduro protected with Clear AMS Frame Guard

Another MDE Carve. This time aluminium colored and protected by a clear, perfectly transparent AMS Frame Guard:

AMS logo on down tube of MDE Carve Enduro bike

Close look at the down tube protection on a Giant Reign X:

Clear protection on Giant Reign X by All Mountain Style

Specialized Enduro. A classic between our customers. This time protecting the top tube: 

Clear top tube protection on Specialized Enduro