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Brett Stevens


Enduro / XC

Brett Stevens is a Enduro expert class racer and Cat 1 XC racer.  He is also likes to ride a stock (26in) trials bike to gain balance and have fun.  When he's not racing he is riding his local trails with his buddies, and attending collage to get his business degree.  This July 2014 Brett will be attempting to descend half a million vertical feet in 31 days at his local bike park.  It will be a little over 16 thousand feet a day, and to make things interesting it will be done on a 160mm travel Specialized Enduro comp 29er rather than a full DH bike.  Brett's goal as a rider/racer is to become a Professional MTB rider in either the Enduro discipline or the XC discipline and just have fun riding bikes, because thats what life is all about.


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