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Dr. Duncan "Om" MacDougall was an american doctor from the early XX century who was determined to measure the weight of the soul, determining after several experiments it was 21 grams.

At AMS we were as obsessed as Mr "Om" with the weight of our state of the art stem, so decided to name it "Om". Coincidence or not, Om 45 stem weights 121 grams.



The AMS Om Stem 45 is extensively CNC machined, without cost restrictions, from a 6082 T6 aluminium block for maximum weight reduction without compromising rigidity or endurance to achieve a record breaking 121 grams weight mark (a new benchmark for this size and category). 

The 45mm length for allows for sharper steering, and is perfectly suited for the longer 650B and 29" frames, while a super low stack improves your cockpit height adjusting possibilities.

Frontal view of AMS Om Stem 45

A wide handlebar clamp increases torsional rigidity, and reduces stress on the handlebars. It features anodized color and laser engraved graphics for lifelong durability. 

AMS Om Stem 45 on Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon

The AMS Om Stem 45 has been awarded as WINNER of the 2015 Design & Innovation Award by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine.

Design & innovation Award 2015 AMS Om Stem 45 winner


    • Compatible with 1 1/8" steer tubes and 31.8mm handlebars
    • 121 grams fully assembled
    • CNC machined from 6082 T6 aluminium block
    • 45mm offset, 0º rise
    • 30mm stack height
    • 55mm wide handlebar clamp


    Development Story:

    Dr. Duncan "Om" MacDougall, was an american physician who sought to measure the mass of the soul of the human body at the beginning of the XX century. He concluded than the human soul weighs 21 grams.

    Duncan Om and the beauty of lightness

    What the hell relates this to mountain biking in general and All Mountain Style in particular?. Well, very much. 

    From the very beginning we decided to design a stem. A stem for All Mountain, Enduro and DH. A stem without limiting factors other than strength and durability, and where being lightest or one of the lightest in the market was a key factor.

    We were so obsessed with the weight as Mr. "Om" was. We selected some benchmarks in the market, analyzed them, weighted them, tested them, broke them and planned our attack plan: we should follow our core values of good design, innovation and local manufacturing, but weight saving was a key objective in this project.


    Some benchmark stems for the All Mountain Style one 


    And the name was decided: "Om", the All Mountain / Enduro / DH stem designed and developed to be the best and the most beautiful. Without cost restraints.

    For the design phase we were looking for a young, out of the box designer. We were looking from someone far from the industry, far from the establishment, but with a passion to innovate and technical knowledge. We met Andreu Carulla Studio. It was a perfect fit.

    Andreu Carulla was recognised as the most promising young designer in Europe, with a great design portfolio and for very different industries, as for example working for the best restaurant in the world "El Celler de Can Roca" and who from his own words, sees design as a way for "creating products that are lively and bright, trying to put a smile on the owner’s face". Perfect match. We were sold.

    AMS team engineering and project management expertise, together with Andreu's product design and our industrial partner was a winning team.  

    But as with any challenging project in our career, it wouldn't be easy.

    Design and development process followed at AMS

    Design is an iteration process: sketches > 3D > rapid prototyping > functional prototypes. It's a fun, but long process. In the end a good product can't be rushed, it needs it's time.

    AMS Om stem design process

    We were quite straightforward, but at the same time, we made some mistakes, as giving an OK to a rapid prototyping without mounting the part on the bike. It was a different product seen on the bike and out of it. A mistake that forced us to completely redesign the stem. A mistake we learned from. A rookie mistake. But in the end a good one to have: we only lost 3 months and a some hard earned euros.

    And the result from the redesign was a gorgeous product. A product we're proud of. 

    It was time for prototype production and testing.

    Prototyping and testing are fun:  getting your hands dirty ... facing user problems ... learning how physical things work. 

    In a world of bits, working with atoms is great.

    AMS stem prototyping

    We followed the international standard for mountainbike handlebar and stem testing. And we found it ... ummm how to say it politically correct ... weak. We have spent a lot of our engineering life developing automotive components and whole vehicles, and we found the international tests too soft. We were used to more severe and extreme testing standards. So we looked for what one of the industry leaders made and followed that.

    And as we passed all tests even with this higher standards, we decided to increase it even a little further.

    AMS Om Stem fatigue testing

    Being a maker is gorgeous. Hard, but fun, and forces you to rethink that the objective is not to reach a destination, the objective is to haven fun while you travel to your destination. And to get to a product you'll be proud of.

    We had some sourcing problems, we had some budget problems, we had some you name it problems. But we made it.

    We're proud to present to you the new benchmark on Trail, Enduro, DH stems: a piece of art, extensively machined for a total weight of just 121 grams, super low stack to allow you to better adjust your cockpit height, super wide handlebar clamp for increased torsional rigidity and reduced stress on the handlebar, fully laser engraved to longlife graphics durability.

    Here it is, the AMS Om stem 45. Go get it.

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