AMS All Mountain Style Frame Guard Camo package XL size



A smart and elegant solution to carry a tube, CO2 cartridge and tire levers allowing you to ride backpack free!

  • Smooth material that wraps around your bike frame tubes taking care of them
  • Light and doesn't absorb water or mud
  • Durable, strong and soft
  • No sharp edges, no velcros, no metal parts
  • Withstand high and low temperatures

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Easy to install

    2. 1. Wrap your essentials: tube, CO2 cartridge and tire levers as compact as you can

      2. Place them on the spot you want to carry them making sure there's no interference with any moving part.

      3. Wrap the AMS OS Strap around. It's important to pass the excess strap through the keeper.

      4. Tighten the strap uniformly around and go ride!!!


"Nice products easy to use quality very good and it's in camo what more do you need to protect your bike"

Spike D.

2 MAY 2018, 12:21

"Easy to put on. I have it mostly on the bottom of the frame. They have been hit four or five times by large rocks and consistently by gravel and dirt. They are all still in one piece and no scratches on my frame"


9 NOV 2018, 13:21

"A must to keep your bike nice or to liven up an older bike like mine. Great color selection and sticks like glue!"

K. Chambers

24 MAY 2018, 17:21