We believe that satisfied costumers are the best marketing strategy. This is why we make sure, you, our costumer, are happy with the products we ship to you!.  


Country: Italy; Product: AMS Frame Guard XL in Clear color; Bike: Propain Tyee 3

"Here you are my Propain Tyee 3 2014 with AMS honeycomb frame guard XL!. This guard is absolutely fantastic...thin, very adhesive, robust and stylish!!. The best frame guard I've tried! . Thanks AMS,your product is awesome!!" 

Propain Tyee 3 with clear AMS Frame Guard



Country: Singapore; Product: Several; Bike: N.S.

"Oh ya, feedbacks on the stem. It is pretty gnarly and look great. Easy to install and great in performance especially in rocky areas and tight cornering, as it is stiff in feel giving you the security in handling" 

AMS Om Stem 45 from above



Country: Peru; Product: AMS XL Frame Guard in Clear color; Bike: Orbea Rallon R4

"The best frame guard ever!!!" 

Orbea Rallon R4 on Cusco, Peru

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Country: Spain; Product: AMS Frame Guard in Black color; Bike: Trek Fuel EX8

"Fácil de instalar, buen producto, lástima no haberlo conocido antes. Muy contento también con la rapidez del envio, sin duda recomendable 100%" 

Trek Fuel EX8 covered with black AMS Frame Guard



Country: Ireland; Product: AMS XL Frame Guard in Clear color; Bike: Cube Ams 150

"Very happy with the protection it offers from Irish trails really easy to apply I may even buy more just to cover my forks ! oh and it looks really cool on my bike too. Thanks guys" 

AMS Frame Guard on Cube Ams 150



Country: Netherlands; Product: AMS XL Frame Guard in Clear color; Bike: Titus el Guapo

"I installed the set on my 2012 titus el guapo. Was really happy with the fast delivery, and very surprised with the thickness of the stickers. A very good product for a nice price! Very happy with the looks after installing the set it doesn't affect the look of the bike at all. All in all very happy with the set and would definitely order again if necessary." 

Titus el Guapo with AMS Frame Guard



Country: Hong Kong; Product: AMS XL&Standard Frame Guard in Black color; Bike: Santa Cruz V10 carbon

"Congratulations on your anniversary and on your extraordinary products. I have fitted the gurads on my V10c, we shuttle here in Hong Kong in Toyota vans and the bikes all get crammed in the back. Inevitably they get some damage. Not any more, thanks to you guys." 

Santa Cruz V10 carbon with AMS Frame Guard



Country: USA; Product: AMS XL Frame Guard in Clear color; Bike: Santa Cruz Tallboy

"Having a custom painted Tallboy, I've been looking for something to protect what I paid for. Whenever, I heard something bouncing off of the frame, I'd cringe. On Twitter, I saw where AMS had started to sponsor Cedric Gracia. So, started reading your website. Looking through the testimonials, I figured I'd give AMS a try. I got my frame guard (USA) within a few days of it being shipped. The guard was very easy to install. Due to below freezing temperatures, I was only able to clean the sections of my frame for the guard to go on. I watched your instructional video. It was simple to follow. The guard went on very easily. With the VPP of my Santa Cruz, I've been hitting the rear linkage on rocks and roots. I was able easily cut the guard into the diffrent shapes I needed to cover all the scraped parts. Out in the sunlight, I'm hardly able to see the transparent guard. The only reason I can see it on my downtube is because of the AMS logo; which I like. I did a simple test by throwing a pebble against the guard. There wasn't any damage to the guard or my frame. AMS, you guys made a fantastic guard. I can't wait to really put it through some abuse. I ride on a team for my local bike shop. I've already told a couple people about your guards. The owners are the next people on my list to tell about AMS. Thanks for saving my frame! " 

Santa Cruz Tallboy from AMS customer

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Country: Chile; Product: AMS XL Frame Guard in several colors; Bike: Trek Remedy

"Here I send you some pictures of the bike with the guards, they look great, feel strong and the glue is really good. Also they adapt very well to the edges and weld points" 

Trek Remedy covered and protected by AMS Frame Guard 


Country: Singapore; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Transition Covert

"I have been using the AMS frame guard in my Transition Covert top tube and it has been great! really takes the beating! no more scratches...and it looks like an armor. Nice"  

Transition Covert top tube protected by AMS Frame Guard



Country: Germany; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Transition TR450

"I got my Honeycomb Frame Guard an was amazed how thick the lamination is. Directly after opening the package I started to mount it on my new Frame. It is very easy to stick, but when you stick it do it with the white paper. If you don´t do with the white paper it might be that the Frame Guard will hold so good ( Because fingers are little greasy). All in all it makes a very positive impression to me and I will advise it to my friends."  

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a Transition DH bike 


Country: Germany; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Specialized Demo

In german: "Ich dachte eigentlich, dass dieser Rahmenprotektor weich ist und sich wie Gummi anfühlt, aber die Oberfläche ist relativ hart und zäh. Trotzdem ist der Rahmenprotektor sehr flexibel und schmiegt sich beim Aufkleben sehr gut an. Falls man beim Aufkleben verrutscht, kann man den Protektor ohne Probleme nochmal abziehen und neu positionieren. Nur empfehle ich die Klebeseite niemals mit den Fingern anzufassen, da sie sonst nicht mehr so gut klebt. Ich habe dafür das Papier verwendet worauf der Protektor aufgelegt war."  

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a Specialized Demo DH bike



Country: Norway; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Devinci Carbon Wilson

"Yes we are super stoked about the product, we love the look of the material and on the carbon fiber frame it`s awesome, also the arrow shape is super cool, pointing in the direction of "flight". The only "negative" thing is on the down tube, the product is a bit wide, and it does not wrap well around "the corner". But it protects well and looks cool so its a winner!!!" 

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a Devinci Wilson DH bike


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Country: Greece; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Giant + Peugeot

"After 5 rides in rocky trails i can say that we have to do with a great frame protector. before that the shipping was very fast and free and and the installation was very easy. so i believe that if you want something serious to protect your precious bike this is a great choise!!!"

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a Giant mtb bike



Country: Spain; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Orbea Rallon

"La instalación es muy sencilla, una vez quitados los tubos y cables, hemos limpiado bien el cuadro con agua y alcohol. Hemos apuntado donde queríamos que quedasen las pegatinas y ha sido todo cuestión de ir con cuidado para que quedase todo alineado. Se nota que es un material muy resistente que va a soportar los golpes de las piedras. El pegamento es muy bueno y se pega con muchísimas fuerza al cuadro"

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a Orbea mtb bike


Country: Finland; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Transition TransAM Two9

"I haven't ride that bike, where I have AllMountainStyle frame guard, much but I found that installation was easy and it looks good. Price is competitive and delivery was fast and free.

I have a long piece and one V-shaped piece under the main tube, one V-shaped piece under the bottom bracket and smaller pieces on side of the head tube to protect from cable scratches.

I think you have a great product!"

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a Transition cyclocross bike


Country: Spain; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Orbea Alma Carbon

"Hola estoy muy contento con sus protectores, y en verdad seria un placer para mi ser su embajador ya que seria un sueño tenerles como patrocinadores y promover su iniciativa en mi zona y en todas las competiciones a las que valla. Ya he comenzado ha hablar a mis conocidos sobre lo bien que funcionan sus protectores. Y seguiré haciéndolo, les mando unas fotos de donde los tengo colocados."

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a Orbea mtb bike


Country: Costa Rica; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Trek Superfly Pro

"Great product, easy installation. Installed on a Trek superfly pro. Recomended for anyone who value their bike."

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a mountain bike

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Country: Scotland; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: Cyclocross

"Hello from Scotland. Your products might be aimed for all mountain riders, but I bought your product to protect my new cyclocross bike - which I ride in the hills as well as at races.

Ordering was super-easy and it arrived in no time at all. Installation was a breeze and AMS Honeycomb Adhesive Frame Guard looks like it'll be on the bike as long as I have it. If my mtb was worth protecting, I'd be buying more. Will definitely be back when I get a new one.

Keep up the good work."

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a cyclocross bike


Country: Finland; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: ND

"I received and installed the All Mountain Style Frameguard on my bike. I’m impressed with the product quality and ease of installation! Looks and feels bulletproof! Shipping was fast and cost was reasonable! Highest recommendations!"



Country: Spain; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear & Black; Bike: Liteville 601 & Santa Cruz V10

"Vuestro producto es bueno, pero falta que la gente lo conozca, mucha gente conoce el protector bike shield o Shelter, que es el más usado sobre todo en DH. Acabo de comprar un cuadro Santa Cruz V10 de segunda mano, y vuestro protector me ha ido muy bien para proteger la zona baja del cuadro y ocultar unos arañazos del tubo superior."

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a Liteville 601 mtb bike


Country: Greece; Product: AMS Frame Guard Black; Bike: Cannondale mountain bike

"Here in Greece temperatures rise very high. Up to 35 Degrees, and I was worried if the guard might unstuck from the frame (especially the small Parts ) but it didn’t .Never the less not to mention that, since I install it I stop worrying regarding stones hitting my carbon frame"

Frame protection from All Mountain Style on a Cannondale DH bike



Country: USA; Product: AMS Frame Guard Clear; Bike: ND

"Simply a great product, easy to fit and fast delivery!. Saves your valuable investment from marks and and damage. Too easy, no brainer!"