Are bike grips a standard size?

As you are probably aware, not all grips have the same size. You can find a variety of different styles and shapes on the market; However, bike grips share some common dimensions; some of these dimensions can be considered a ‘standard’ while others are meant to fit the average rider's hand size; this would be the case of outside diameter and grip length, for example, 130 mm bike grips are common length size.

This measurement will vary slightly from one grip model to another. However, the inside diameter may be considered a standard measurement that fits most handlebars. 

Different sizes of bicycle handle grips 

At  AMS we offer different bike grip models, each with its own unique features and size variations; however, all of our grips are made to fit the standard 22 mm handlebar. Our CERO grip model has a 132 mm length which is slightly larger than the average 130 mm bike grips and a constant 32mm outside diameter, about average too.

We recommend the CERO model if you place more emphasis on the inside of your grip. The BERM model has a 135 mm total length which gives you a bit more room to place your hand when compared to the standard 130 mm bike grips. The tapered profile of BERM also gets larger towards the outside; so we recommend this grip if you place more emphasis on the outside of the grip.

How do I know what size bike grips to buy?

Choosing the right size for bicycle handle grips is an important part of making sure they fit properly ensuring a comfortable ride and reducing the chances for hand pain and fatigue. As a general rule, smaller hands require smaller size grips, and vice versa.

To make sure you get the size right, measure the width of your hand and the distance from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger. These measurements will give you a good idea of the diameter and length you need for your bike grip. Most riders will require grips that range between 30 mm and 38 mm outside diameter and at least 130 mm bike grips.

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