AMS crank protection in black color inside the packagingAMS Crank Defender in Black color outside the packaging

AMS Crank Defender. BLACK

€19 EUR
AMS Crank Defender Orange color in the packagingAMS Crank Defenders in Orange color product

AMS Crank Defender. ORANGE

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AMS Crank Defender Red color in the packagingAMS Crank Defender in red color product image

AMS Crank Defender. RED

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AMS Crank Defender Green color in the packagingAMS crank defender in green color product image

AMS Crank Defender. GREEN

€19 EUR

Importance of using a crank arm protector

The AMS bike crank protection is a great way to protect your bike crankset from the wear and tear that it would endure if you were to ride on without protection. Mtb and gravel riders can greatly benefit from using crank arm protection that effectively prevents damage and scratches.

They are made of durable TPU ensuring your cranks stay well protected if they ever hit hard stone while pedaling through a rocky trail or a technical climb. Simply put them on in your favorite color, and off to the trail. 

Crank arms are an important and often expensive part of your bike you need to protect, and if you are used to putting a lot of miles on your bike on rough terrains, you know that cranks are constantly exposed to damage.

Our bike crank guard recommendations

We recommend using crank defenders in combination with our high-impact and rub-resistant crank guards for optimal protection of your cranks against rocks, debris, and hard impacts. Your precious carbon or aluminum crankset will be well protected in just a few steps.

It is also in your best interest to use proper crank protection to preserve the value of your investment; our crank defenders will perverse the resale value of your crankset once you are done using it. 

How to install crank arm protection

Our crank protection has been designed to work with most carbon cranks in the market as well as some aluminum cranks. You can check our compatibility list to verify the ones we’ve tested compatibility on.  The crank defenders are very easy to install; simply uninstall your pedals with your Allen hex wrench as required and slide the defenders in making sure they are straightened and well-positioned. Finally, clean up your pedals, lubricate the threads as needed, and reinstall. Our installation page has some great tips to help you install your crank defenders quickly and easily.

Benefits of using crank defenders

AMS bike crank defenders are ideal to protect your bike's carbon or aluminum crankset from impacts and scratches while adding additional style to your cranks. You can gain the following benefits from using AMS crank protection:

  • Our crank defenders are durable and strong; these defenders can withstand lots of impacts for miles to come; the stretchy TPU material easily bounces off any rocks and debris that may hit your cranks leaving them untouched.

  • AMS crank defenders are tightly fitted on your cranks, so there’s no chance of dirt or debris getting in between that can damage or scrape your crank arm. 

  • No need to worry about extra weight; our crank defenders are light and won’t absorb water or mud.
  • There are different colors to choose from. Add a stylish touch to your cranks!
  • No installation hazards. You will gain protection for your cranks quickly and easily.
  • As opposed to other brands which only offer a boot to cover the tip of the cranks; Our defender includes an additional TPU insert to extend the protective area.

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