Chainstay protectors for bikes

The AMS mountain bike frame chain protector provides a unique solution to protect your chain and seat stays from damage. They are made with an automotive high-quality material that is long-lasting and effectively withstands impacts from the chain and other road elements. It takes little to no effort to install the precut and self-adhesive shapes even on difficult curves of your bike.

The chainstay protector road bike kit comes with three different pieces, a big modular part for the chain stays and two narrower parts for the seat stays. Use them to add a new stylish look to your stays or hide pre-existing chips or marks; our chain protectors are available in different colors and patterns.

Why use a bike frame chain protector?

Going through rough terrains will make your chain bounce up and down with a high probability of hitting your chainstays. Overtime, the 'so-called' chain slap, gravel, and other road debris will deteriorate your chainstays causing all sorts of marks and chips on its paint.

Needless to say, using a bike frame chain guard is a good idea; it will help protect the value of your bike while reducing the chance of costly repairs.

Do you need a bike chain stay protector on road bikes?

Even road bikes can benefit from a chainstay protector or seatstay protector. You may be riding on paved and flat surfaces, but your stays can still sustain damage from debris or suddenly going through a road bump that causes your chain to slap against your stays. The AMS chain guards are specially designed to protect XC, gravel, and road bikes. They are one of the best bike protections for your stays available on the market providing high functional value and aesthetics at an affordable price.

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