Mtb handlebar protection against bike scratches

A quite simple protective accessory that is impact resistant and wraps around your bike in a few quick and easy steps. Bar guards are an often overlooked protection that is actually quite essential. This is because handlebars can easily be scratched during falls, so it is important to provide adequate protection to protect your investment and keep your handlebar looking great for longer.

Bike bar guards are a very useful accessory during transportation; the adhesive material protects your bar from rubbing parts or any impacts that may occur while loading or unloading your bike. Additionally, clamping phone mounts, GPS devices, or other accessories directly onto your handlebar may cause damage from rubbing or vibrating parts, you may use bike bar guards to gain the protection needed to keep your handlebar scratch free.

Bike handlebar protection by AMS

The AMS handlebar guards offer top-quality protection that will add a unique stylish look to your handlebar. The honeycomb adhesive material has a cool look and feel and is able to withstand impact, abrasion, and weathering; it will not degrade over time or become yellow as may occur with other types of adhesive materials.

It is designed for universal fitting of 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars and its installation is quite simple with pre-cut shapes that wrap easily around your handlebar. 

The kit has two distinct pieces to install on each side of your handlebar and comes in different stylish patterns for an improved look.  A clear version of the kit is also available for a lesser visual impact. Be sure to check out our installation page for further instructions on how to install the AMS bike bar guards.

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