Our AMS signature CERO and BERM grips have been designed and crafted to make sure their performance meets the highest demands in terms of comfort and handling of your bike. The different patterns, densities, and thicker rubber provide an improved grippier surface with vibration-dampening effect that excels at the most difficult tracks and descends.  Get a smoother and safer riding experience by using AMS bike grips; designed, engineered, and tested by expert riders!

A modern design with a single lock-on clamp on the inside of the grip allows for a quick and easy installation by turning a single hex screw. The grips are effectively fixated on the handlebar and won’t twist or turn over the handlebar while riding.  Also, since style is very important, especially on visible parts of your bike, we have made our grips available in different color options including mono, bicolor, and camo. 


Our handle grips for mountain bike; CERO and BERM

The CERO and BERM specialized mountain bike grips models come in different profiles and patterns that provide a comfortable surface on which to rest your palms and fingers. We recommend CERO’s plain gauge profile for riders who place more emphasis on the inside of the handlebar, and BERM’s tapered profile for riders who place more emphasis on the outside.

The different profiles and dimensions of our bike grips (puños in spanish) can suit the vast majority of riders' hand sizes and positions as well. The CERO version of our grip has a plain gauge profile with a uniform diameter of 30mm. The profile and rubber pattern in CERO favor a hand position towards the inside of the grip. On the other side, the BERM grip comes in a tapered profile with a diameter ranging from 29.5mm to 33.9mm. The rubber pattern and a tapered profile favor a hand position towards the outside.

The textures and materials also play a major role in the comfort and performance of our grips. Both the CERO and BERM grips come with a smooth micro-diamond pattern for the palm surface and a waffle pattern under the fingers that provides a nice comfortable place to slide your fingers into. In addition, the CERO grip has dual-density rubber with bigger diamonds underneath the thumbs. Overall, both bike grips provide a solid connection to the handlebar that’s comfortable even during long rides. 

If you have doubts still, check our CERO vs Berm grips guide.

Why you should take in consideration mountain bike grips

Grips are an important accessory and an important point of contact with your bike; They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, so there is no reason to be riding with worn or uncomfortable grips; they can make a major difference in your handling and comfort.  Get a hold of one of our best mtb grips, CERO and BERM, and improve your riding from day one. For an impressive look and feel, choose AMS-style grips!


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