AMS Number Plate Black design in its packagingbike number plate

AMS Number Plate. BLACK

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AMS Number Plate Skull design in its packagingAll Mountain Style Skull Number Plate
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AMS Number Plate. SKULL

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AMS Number Plate Camo design in its packagingAll Mountain Style Number Plate Camo product
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AMS Number Plate. CAMO

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AMS Number Plate Patriot design in its packagingAll Mountain Style Patriot Number Plate
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AMS Number Plate. PATRIOT

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AMS Number Plates for Your Next MTB Race

The MTB number plates are key important accessories during any mountain bike race. The number plates are used to identify each rider and record their times and positions during the race. They are installed on the front end of the bikes where they are visible from far away.

The AMS race number plates are made of lightweight materials and robust materials with a well-thought design that provides plenty of space for cable routing, and it doesn't rub against the head tube of the bike preventing damage to the paintwork. The plate is also robust once installed, which means it can withstand the rough and tumble of a mountain bike race. Get a nice-looking MTB number plate from AMS; you will want to keep it installed even after the race is over!

How to put a number plate on a mountain bike?

The mountain bike number plates can be installed in a few quick simple steps and they are compatible with enduro and downhill bikes. It comes with 4 attachment strips that you can use with zip ties to securely attach the plate to the handlebar and fork clamp. The zip ties can be adjusted to your preferred position and trimmed after you are done. Please visit our installation page for more detailed instructions.

What is the size of a bike's front number plate?

Size is an essential consideration when choosing the right MTB number plate. The dimensions of a race number plate should provide ample space for a rider's number while still being small enough so it fits comfortably and securely onto the bike without adding unnecessary weight. The AMS mtb race number plates are 1.2mm thick and measure 203mm x 155mm (8" x 6.1"). It is lightweight, coming in at just 35 grams, which is essential for keeping your bike as light as possible during a race.

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