AMS grips Berm model green color product inside the packagingAMS grips Berm model green color product
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AMS Berm grips. Green

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Grip and army style

At AMS we know the importance of style, especially on the visible parts of your bike. That’s why our grips are available in different color combinations to match your particular style. 

If it’s army green bike grips you are looking for, then take a look at our AMS and BERM grips in army green color. These stylish grips are exclusive to the BERM grip model and provide performance without loss of comfort; you’ll get to enjoy your rides for longer while adding a custom color touch that suits you.


 Stylish BERM model 

The BERM model comes with a single lock-on clamp that allows a quick and easy installation and effectively prevents rotation over the handlebar. The thick rubber material is soft but durable and provides excellent padding that damps shock and vibrations even from the roughest trails. 

The rubber micro-diamond pattern enhances your grip and feels resulting in a solid connection to the handlebar even when riding without gloves. The waffle pattern on the underside provides nice and comfortable slots to place your fingers. The BERM model is also lightweight at just over 100 grams. 

The BERM model has a tapered profile with changing outside diameter that ranges from 29.5mm to 33.9mm; this is a great option especially if you position your hands towards the outside of the handlebar. 

All mountain styles are all about high performance but also riding in style. Get a set of army green bike grips that look great and match your color scheme. Also, visit the All Mountain Style web store and browse our collection to match the army green bike grips to other cool components and bike guards.

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