AMS grips Cero model gum color product in the boxAMS grips Cero model gum color propduct

AMS Cero grips. Gum

AMS Grips Berm model gum color product inside the packagingAMS Grips Berm model gum color product

AMS Berm grips. Gum


Enhance your MTB with orange bike grips

AMS bike grips come in a variety of colors to suit your color scheme and improve your riding experience and style. If orange fits your bike rig, then we have a couple of orange bike grips to take your performance to the next level. These grips have been designed and tested by expert riders to make sure they won’t disappoint in harsh trails and conditions. With our rubber bike grips CERO and BERM, you will ride more comfortably and improve your control and handling of your bike. 

CERO orange bike grips

The CERO model comes in a dual-tone combination, that’s orange on the inside of the grip and black towards the outside. The grip has a plain gauge profile with a standard constant diameter of 30mm; The dual-density rubber patterns will increase your grip and feel with micro diamonds and waffle blocks for the surface underneath the fingers and big orange diamonds rubber for the thumb’s area. This grip is ideal if your hand placement leans towards the inside of the grip. 

BERM orange bike grips

The BERM orange bike grips resemble the patterns seen on camouflage apparel but in orange tonalities. The grip’s tapered rubber profile offers excellent padding and shock absorbance. Its outer diameter ranges from 29.5mm on the inside to 33.9 mm on the outside. The rubber patterns with micro diamonds and waffle-style block provide comfort and a solid connection to your bike. Choose the BERM model if your hand placement leans towards the outside of the grip. 

Our orange bike grips  are all about high performance but also riding in style. Grip your perfect color match by either choosing the CERO black and orange model or the BERM orange camo. Also, visit the All Mountain Style web store and browse our collection to match your  bike grips to other cool components and bike guards.

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