AMS grips Cero model black and red color product inside the packagingAMS grips Cero model black and red color product

AMS Cero grips. Black/Red

AMS grips Berm model red camo color product inside the packagingAMS grips Berm model red camo color product

AMS Berm grips. Red Camo


Red bike grips to suit your style

At AMS we know the importance of style, especially on the visible parts of your bike. That’s why our grips are available in different color combinations to match your particular style. If it is red bike grips you are looking for we have a couple of options to offer; these bike grips will look great on your bike and include features that deliver performance and comfort like no other. 

CERO; red bike grips

For starters, there is the CERO grip model with a red and black color combination. The surface underneath the palms and fingers is black and has a micro-diamond texture with waffle-style blocks for the fingers. The soft rubber and patterns add grip and help vibrations from the tracks. The inside of the grip adds a splash of red vibrant color and different textures made of bigger diamonds. The CERO black and red mtb grips  model has a plain gauge profile which is a constant 30mm diameter throughout the grip.

Red model of BERM grips

The BERM grip model also comes in red camo, a stylish version that will stand out on your bike. The red camo resembles the pattern seen on military apparel but in reddish tonalities throughout the grip. Its tapered profile naturally contours the shape of your hand as it wraps around the grip.

All mountain styles are all about high performance but also riding in style. If red bike grips fit your color scheme and style, then choose either the CERO red and black model or the BERM red camo. Also, visit the All Mountain Style web store and browse our collection to match your  bike grips to other cool components and bike guards.

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