AMS All Mountain Style Frame Guard Camo package XL size

Frame Guard . CLEAR


  • Strong and durable protection - high impact and rub resistant honeycomb PVC will protect your bike from scratches and dings
  • Top quality materials - automotive grade adhesive and guaranteed not to fade or Yellow over time
  • Customize your rig - different colors and patterns available to improve the look of your bike
  • Easy to install - all bikes have different geometry, these frame guards are universal and will easily fit all bike sizes
  • Fits all mountain bikes - this size is ideal for trail, all mountain, endure, freeride, and DH bikes

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Super easy to install, even on the most difficult curves.

  1. 1. Indentify the area to protect and proceed to install in a warm area

    1. 2. Clean the area to protect from dust, mud and debris as well as from rest of oils, or silicones, using alcohol or similar.
    3. 3. Apply gently the Frame Guard, rubbing with your hand to help it adapt. While the glue is still fresh, you can reposition it if you placed it badly the first time.
    5. 4. Apply pressure evenly around all the surface to help for a better adhesion

"Nice products easy to use quality very good and it's in camo what more do you need to protect your bike"

Spike D.

2 MAY 2018, 12:21

"Easy to put on. I have it mostly on the bottom of the frame. They have been hit four or five times by large rocks and consistently by gravel and dirt. They are all still in one piece and no scratches on my frame"


9 NOV 2018, 13:21

"A must to keep your bike nice or to liven up an older bike like mine. Great color selection and sticks like glue!"

K. Chambers

24 MAY 2018, 17:21