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AMS Crank Defender. GREEN

€19 EUR

"Protect and style your cranks"

An elegant solution to protect your cranks and to add some style at the same time. Green color.


  • Impact&scratch protection.
  • Extra protection and added style on the crank arm.
  • Fits most carbon and some aluminium cranks. Check compatibility list.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Light and doesn't absorb water or mud.
  • Tight fit to avoid debris between defender and crank arm.
  • Made in EU


  • TPU material
  • 18 grams (0.63oz)
  • Internal measures: 34mm x 15mm. It can stretch to 38mm

Added info:

FREE Shipping for orders above €50 (EU+North America) and above €100 (RoW).

Have a look at customer photos if you need inspiration. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Blake Temple
Nice and snug

Fits very nicely on crank arm. Does not wiggle and the extra protection is nice and looks good!

Lukas Vozdecky
All good

Fits race face R perfectly.
Good work.
Very friendly staff, though. They helped me w shipping issues...

Ivan Rossell Falco
Good quality, easy install

I though it should be harder to put it on my bike but it was really easy and really fast without any tool. Gives nice look and super protection!

Pavol Godora
Compatible with new XTR

Fit perfectly good quality product can take big hits from sharp rocks without leaving mark on ! I’m using only lover part of protection that’s perfectly enough.

not compatible with my NUMBERNINE2 TITAN Pedals, on Shimano XT Crankarms

Hi everybody
Fast delivery, all goo so far but then the ugly truth... I bought two of these and the are not compatible with the syntase NUMBERNINE2 TITANpedals. The block and the pedal is not Abel to turn anymore: (( so it shaped be mentioned somewhere...) now I have two not usable crankprotctors... what a waist of money!!! Sorry for that

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