AMS products awarded as the best in the industry by World of MTB magazine in Germany - 2023 Best of MTB awards

We are thrilled to announce that several of our products have been recognized by the World of MTB magazine in Germany as the best in the industry in their 2023 Best of awards.

Our AMS Berm grips, AMS Gravel Frame Guards, AMS Crank Defenders and AMS Full & Extra Frame Guards were all included in the list of award winners. These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication that our team puts into designing and manufacturing high-quality products for mountain bikers.

We understand the importance of protecting your bike from the rough terrain and elements that come with off-road riding, that's why we developed the AMS Gravel Frame guards, Crank Defenders and Frame guards. The AMS Berm grips are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip for the rider, making it easier to handle the bike on challenging trails.

As a company, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products possible, and these awards are a validation of that commitment. We are honored to be recognized by World of MTB magazine and the industry experts.

At AMS, we believe that every ride is an opportunity to push your limits and make unforgettable memories. Our products are designed to help you do just that, by providing you with the durability and performance you need to tackle any trail. Whether you're a professional rider or a weekend warrior, we have the perfect gear for you.

We would like to thank World of MTB magazine for this recognition and all of our loyal customers for their support. We will continue to innovate and bring you the best products for your adventures on the trails.

Here's what World of MTB said:

AMS Berm Grips

AMS Berm Grips photographed by World of MTB mag

Grips must offer two things above all else: grip and style. The AMS Berm grips have both in abundance. There are eight different trendy colors to choose from, including five in a cool camo look. On the grip surface, a fine mesh of small diamonds, along with the inwardly tapered shape, provides the perfect surface for the hands. On the bottom of the screw-on grips, the fingers can grip a waffle pattern.

AMS Gravel/Road Frame Guards

Gravel Frame Protection by AMS
Those who travel in the terrain are used to stone strikes and scratches as a rule. Nevertheless, it makes sense to protect your bike as much as possible. With the AMS Frame Guard Road & Gravel, the worry about frame damage belongs to the past. But not only the frame and fork are protected, in addition, the stickers also have a strong style factor.

AMS Crank Defenders

Crank Arm protection by AMS

Actually, on a mountain bike nothing should have ground contact except for the tires. But who pedals over technical trails knows that even crank arms are always at risk of chipping. A terrible feeling when precious cranks hit hard stone! With the AMS Crank Defenders made of durable TPU, they are well protected against scratches and damage. Simply put them on in your favorite color, and off to the trail.

AMS Frame Guard Full/Extra

AMS Frame Protection for mountain bikes

Full protection for the frame - the Frame Guard Full/Extra makes this possible. The stickers protect the bike from scratches, stone strikes and more and also look good thanks to creative designs. The guards are available in different variants and sizes; they protect everything from the main frame to the rear end and even the fork

Carles Carrera

Co-Founder, Product&Marketing

Carles' passion for Enduro MTB ignited the creation of AMS. Nowadays, you're more likely to find him speeding along scenic gravel paths, enjoying the thrill of his gravel bike.