Bike frame stickers vs frame protection kit

 Why Do We Use Bike Frame Stickers?

More than just a regular bike frame sticker, The All Mountain Style bike guards are designed to shield your MTB frame from scratches, chips, cable rub, and other potential damage caused by rocks, debris, or transportation. With their durable materials and adhesive properties, our bike guards provide an extra layer of protection that preserves the integrity and appearance of your mountain bike, ensuring it withstands the rigors of the trails while still reflecting your unique style with unique patterns and designs. In this blog, you’ll learn more about bike frame stickers and why you should use them as MTB frame protection. Let's dive in!

Frame Decals and Frame Protection: What Do They Have in Common?

Both bike frame decals and frame protection both serve as a means of customizing your bike's appearance. However, bicycle frame decals are typically used to display logos, brand names, or custom designs, allowing riders to showcase their personal style or sponsorships.

On the other hand, frame protection such as the AMS bike guards, is primarily focused on safeguarding the bike's frame from scratches, chips, and other damage caused by debris, rocks, or transportation.

Differences Between Bike Stickers and a Frame Protection Kit

While bike stickers and frame protection kits may seem similar, they have distinct purposes and features. Bike stickers are primarily decorative and can be applied to any desired surface on the bike frame. However, frame protection kits such as the AMS bike guards are made of durable PVC material that can withstand weather conditions and general wear and tear. The automotive-grade material won't degrade or yellow over time and has a unique look and feel.  The AMS bike guards come in different kits with precut shapes to facilitate the installation process.

H2 - Why a Frame Protection Kit is More Convenient?

A frame protection kit offers several advantages over bike stickers alone. Firstly, it provides comprehensive coverage to vulnerable areas of the bike frame, ensuring maximum protection. The AMS bike guards are provided in different kits starting at ‘basic’ to cover the most susceptible areas on your bike's frame all the way up to the ‘total’ protection kits that cover your main triangle and extra parts including the fork and stays.

The convenience of our frame protection kit lies in its ability to combine style and function, providing peace of mind while preserving the bike's appearance.


Some frequently asked questions 

Can You Put Stickers on a Bike Frame?

Absolutely! Putting stickers on a bike frame is a common practice among cyclists. Bike frame stickers allow riders to express their individuality, support their favorite brands, or showcase their accomplishments. 

How Can I Decorate My Bike Frame?

When it comes to decorating your bike frame, the possibilities are endless. Bike frame stickers can be used to create a unique and eye-catching design. We recommend using a bike frame protection kit, to protect your frame while adding a touch of personality and style. Consider the AMS bike guards as your stylish MTB frame protection. Don’t ruin the look of your bike, improve it!

Where Should You Not Put Stickers?

While stickers offer a creative outlet, there are certain areas on the bike frame where it's best to avoid applying them. In general, any areas that require regular maintenance or adjustment should be kept sticker-free. These areas may need to be accessed for servicing, and stickers can hinder the process or potentially interfere with the functionality of the bike.

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