Discover Epic MTB trails in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers an opportunity to explore mountain biking like nowhere else with trails that take you through miles of spectacular landscapes, through the countryside, up mountains, through dense rain forests, and even volcanoes.

The climate is also ideal for mountain biking, with warm temperatures, but it may vary depending on where you are. The country's inland parts at higher altitudes are colder and get more rainfall, while the North Pacific coast is hotter and drier for the majority of the year. 

The ideal months to visit the country are November through December when the weather is at its sunniest and driest. If it's your first-time mountain biking in Costa Rica, it’s a good idea to hire a tour guide; there are plenty of options with experienced professionals that know the trails in and out, and with available bike rentals if you need them.

They can advise on the expertise levels you need to hit the trails and the appropriate gear. With the high diversity of terrains and conditions, you will have no problem finding a trail that suits you. 

Top Trails for Mountain Biking in Costa Rica

In case you are not sure where to practice mountain biking in Costa Rica, we have gathered 3 top destinations with beautiful natural scenery and features to go on enjoyable rides.

Las Catalinas Bike trails

With over 22 km of trails, Catalina’s system is definitely a top destination for mountain bikers. It offers many thrills and impressive views of the Coast; It is well-signaled with windy trails that flow and pick up speed. You will need an intermediate level to tackle Catalina preferably with your enduro or XC bike. However, some riders prefer to bring their E-bike along to facilitate things a bit. Bring your sunscreen and plenty of water, the Catalin trails are known for their hot and humid climate.

La Angelina Mountain Bike Park

Another top spot mountain biking in Costa Rica with over 19 km of singletrack trails that start out with a moderate climb and then become more complex as they enter the forest area. As you make your way through the climb, you will enjoy nice views of Cartago. Then, the forest section offers super fun trails with swooping sections and berms as you go down.

Trails at Rincón La Vieja

With more than 20 km of trails, Rincón La Vieja Volcano National Park will take you on a unique MTB adventure. The Oropendola and Jaguarundi trails will take you through open pastures with cattle, bubbling mud pots, and waterfalls. 

The trails require intermediate to advanced levels with moderate climbs and technical downhills. It’s a good idea to book hotel accommodations, they can provide guided tours and explain everything about the trails.

Safety Considerations and Tips for Mountain Biking in Costa Rica

  • The weather in Costa Rica can get very hot and humid, so be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.
  • Be prepared with the right gear such as a good quality bike and helmet.
  • Although we have said it before, it’s a good idea to hire a tour guide, especially if it’s your first time riding the trails.

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