Mountain bike for tall riders guide

4 tips for tall bike riders before choosing mountain bikes

No doubt, you need to feel comfortable on your bike to be able to enjoy riding to its fullest. A tall rider with an inadequate bike rig will sooner or later experience pain and discomfort; lower back pains and neck pains are commonly suffered by tall riders. Not to mention how badly it affects performance, leading to poor handling and control. 

So, what do we need to consider when choosing mountain bikes for tall guys? At AMS, we want to give you 4 tips that will make a big difference in your comfort and performance while riding. We'll be considering mountain bike for 6'4 - 6'5 man and above.


Handlebar and grips

As a tall rider, you may choose wider handlebars and thicker grips that feel more comfortable. Grips are possibly one of the easiest and most important upgrades to ride comfortably. Our Berm grip’s tapered profile will fit a large hand size as your hand position moves out on the grip. Visit our grips section to check out all the available choices.

Frame fit makes a big difference

You should be on the lookout for a generously sized frame with an above-average from reach and proportional chainstays. Your frame configuration plays a major role in weight distribution which is especially important for tall riders. Keep in mind that when riding steep hills and descends, a rider’s weight moves back and forth quite significantly, so a frame that helps to equally distribute weight works best. 


Generously sized wheels

Very often 29” wheels are the recommended option for tall riders; The way that 29” wheels affect the geometry of the frame provides more comfort and a better fit; however, 27.5 are still an option for tall riders, so the best way to decide is to do some testing of your own. Check gravel wheel sizes.

Proper pedal and crank sizes

Getting proper pedal and crank sizes will help you avoid discomfort and pedal more efficiently. Usually, crank arms of at least 175mm work great for tall riders.  If you are using flat pedals make sure they provide enough support for your feet.


Top 3 bikes for 6'4 and 6´5 men

There are a variety of mountain bikes for tall people on the market, but the process of finding the right one might be overwhelming. Let us help you narrow it down with these 3 top choices.

The SANTA CRUZ high tower XXL

A bestseller of the Santa Cruz bike lineup. This versatile MTB bike is a do-it-all that will offer you high performance and comfort due to its superior frame design and medium travel. The XXL frame has stack/reach dimensions that are appropriate for a tall rider.  

The KONA process 134 CR/DL 29 XL

A budget-friendly bike with an aluminum frame; the XL frame dimensions offer plenty of room for the tall rider. This mid-travel trail bike comes with big 29ers and will perform excellently on climbs and descents. 


A versatile choice that’s really capable of tackling even the most technical terrains. It is a mid-travel suspension bike with 29 big wheels. The frame configuration in either carbon or alloy provides enough for a tall rider.

Luckily, today is not hard to find a mountain bike for a tall guy. There are many options including hardtails, full suspension bikes, different frame geometries, and so on.

Most brands will have an XL or XL version of their frames with dimensions that will fit a tall rider; however, at the end of the day, It’s a matter of personal preference and the discipline you practice in MTB.

Finding the Best Mountain Bikes for Tall Riders

When it comes to mountain biking, the challenge for tall riders to find the right bike is real. The best mountain bikes for tall riders are those that combine comfort with performance, ensuring that the ride is both enjoyable and efficient. For individuals over 6'2", like a 6'4" or 6'5" man, the key lies in specific design elements that cater to a taller frame.

Mountain bikes for tall people need to have a larger frame size, often an XXL mountain bike, to accommodate longer legs and arms. This ensures a comfortable riding position, reducing strain on the back and joints. Moreover, bikes for 6'5" men and women should have higher handlebars and a longer top tube to provide the necessary room for a comfortable ride.

Top Picks: Mountain Bike for Tall Heavy Man

The best mountain bike for tall riders is not just about the frame size. It also needs to cater to the weight, especially for a tall heavy man. Durability and strength of the bike are paramount. Models like mtb for tall riders are specifically designed with reinforced frames and wheelsets to support additional weight without compromising on the agility and responsiveness of the bike.

In conclusion, whether you're a tall mens mountain bike enthusiast or a tall heavy rider, the market offers a range of options. The key is to look for a bike that not only fits your height but also supports your riding style and the terrains you plan to conquer. Remember, the best bicycle for tall riders is one that offers a harmonious blend of size, strength, and comfort.

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