The Importance of Helmet Technology in Mountain Biking Safety

Ready to talk about helmets? Yeah, those essential pieces of kit we strap on before hitting the trails. They’re more than just a safety checkbox – they’re your brain’s best defense in the wild world of mountain biking and cycling in general. We’ll dive into what makes helmets so cool and throw in some insider info on Mips technology. Plus, we’ll draw parallels with the sweet bike protection stuff from All Mountain Style. Let’s roll!

 The Essential Helmet Section Guide 

Feature to Consider Description Why It’s Important AMS Insight
Fit and Comfort Ensures the helmet sits snugly without being too tight or too loose. A well-fitting helmet is crucial for effective protection and comfort. Look for adjustable straps and padding for a personalized fit.
Weight The overall weight of the helmet. Heavier helmets can be uncomfortable over long rides. Lighter helmets with robust protection are ideal.
Ventilation Number and size of vents in the helmet. Good ventilation keeps your head cool and comfortable. Consider your riding environment; more vents for warmer climates.
Safety Standards Certifications like CPSC, CE EN1078. Certifications ensure the helmet meets established safety benchmarks. Choose helmets that meet or exceed industry standards.
Mips Technology A safety feature designed to reduce rotational motion on certain impacts. The Mips system is designed to add an extra layer of helmet safety in certain impacts. Highly recommended, especially in mountain biking.
Style The design and aesthetics of the helmet. A stylish helmet can enhance your riding experience. Choose a helmet that matches your personal style and complements AMS gear.
Durability The helmet’s ability to withstand impacts and regular use. Durable helmets offer long-term protection and are cost-effective. Look for materials and construction that promise longevity.
Price The cost of the helmet. Helmets come in various price ranges to suit different budgets. Invest in the best helmet you can afford; it's protecting your brain.


Helmets: Your Head’s Best Buddy

Alright, let’s get this out there – a good helmet can literally be a lifesaver. They’ve evolved from simple head buckets to sophisticated brain protectors. Modern helmets are all about cradling your noggin with tech that’s smart, effective, and sometimes, pretty slick-looking.

We’re cyclists, and experts on bike protection, but not on your head protection, this is why we partnered with Mips and asked some questions to one of their experts: Madelen Fahlstedt, Biomechanical Specialist.

Mips’ technology is some serious science. Can you explain how the technology is tailored to address the specific risks associated with mountain biking?  

"The helmet design has been strongly influenced by how the helmet is evaluated in the testing standard for that specific sport and market, where a helmet is dropped against a flat surface and the linear acceleration is measured. Research has shown that the brain is sensitive to rotation, which is not evaluated in these tests. Many accidents are oblique impacts, which can cause rotation of the head. Think about how you usually fall from a mountainbike, where you have a velocity not only towards the ground but also a velocity forward or to the side. That’s why Mips’ technology is designed to provide added safety in many accidents. For certain impacts, the Mips system can reduce harmful rotational motion that might otherwise be transferred to the user’s head."

Mips lab image

Anatomy of a Kick-Ass Helmet

What’s in a top-notch helmet? First, it's gotta be tough yet light – no one wants a neck ache, right? 

Comfort’s key, too; it should fit like it’s made just for you. Double check you’re using the right size and that it fits your head. This is very personal and when you find a model or brand that fits you, you feel it.

Ventilation’s a big deal – because who likes a sweaty head?. On the contrary in some places a less ventilated helmet is more than welcome during winter. 

And let’s not forget style – because looking good is half the fun. Just like AMS guards keep your bike looking and performing at its best, your helmet needs to bring its A-game too.

Custom painted helmet for ibai rider

Decoding Safety Standards

Safety standards might sound yawn-worthy, but they’re super important. They’re like a helmet’s badge of honor, proving it's up to snuff to protect your head.

It’s the same deal with bike protection – you want the assurance that what you’re using is tested and trusted. When talking about protection, cheap is expensive

Mips: The Brainy Bit in Helmets

Here’s where it gets science-y. Mips safety system is this brainy feature in some helmets. It’s designed to provide added safety in many accidents where those weird-angled crashes that can really jumble your brain. It’s like an extra layer of ‘just in case’ for your head.

Mips’ technology is some serious noggin science. Can you break down how the system works? 

"The idea behind Mips technology comes from the anatomy of the human head, where you have the brain and the skull that can move relative to each other due to the surrounding fluid, called the cerebrospinal fluid. The aim of the Mips technology is to create a relative motion between the head and helmet. The challenge to achieve this relative motion is that an impact is very short, less than one-tenth of a blink an eyeblink of an eye and in addition there can be around 750 kg acting on your head.

So, in a crash, the Mips technology is designed to move slightly inside the helmet in order to help redirect energy away from the head. This is intended to help reduce the risk of brain injury."

The Hunt for the Perfect Helmet

Picking a helmet is like finding the right pair of shoes – it’s gotta fit just right. Comfort, weight, ventilation, and yeah, how it looks, are all part of the game. If it's rocking Mips, that’s a big plus. It's like choosing the right AMS frame guard – you want good protection without cramping your style. 

Tomorrow’s Helmet Tech Today

Just like our bikes are getting cooler (thanks, tech!), helmets are on the same track. They’re becoming lighter, more comfortable, and packing in more innovative tech. The future's looking bright, with helmets set to get even smarter and safer.

We’re all ears about the next big thing in helmet tech. What’s brewing in the lab that’ll get us stoked for future rides? 

"Our vision is to reduce head injuries and save more lives and therefore we continue to work with new ideas. One thing that we work on is to do even more evaluations of helmets virtually in our Virtual Test Lab (VTL). In the VTL, computer models of different helmet designs are evaluated for different types of impact scenarios. An advantage with the VTL is that we could decrease the number of physical prototypes which also could have a great impact in terms of sustainability."

Riding Safe and Stylish with AMS

At All Mountain Style, we’re all about pushing boundaries, not just in bike protection but in promoting overall riding safety. Teaming up with innovators like Mips helps us advocate for comprehensive safety, ensuring every ride is as secure as it is thrilling.

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