TOP 10 Must-Have Gravel Riding Products for Every Gravel Enthusiast

Gravel friends, it's time to talk gear. 🚴‍♂️🛤 You know how it is – the right setup can turn a good ride into an epic adventure or at least don’t ruin an epic time with friends. I've pulled together a list of the top 10 gravel riding must-haves, from the essentials that keep you rolling to the upgrades that make every mile more enjoyable. 

Whether you're weaving through country backroads or pushing the pace on gravel tracks, these picks are from one rider to another, tested and true. Let’s dive in and find out what makes the cut for the ultimate gravel kit. Ready?

Gravel Riding is fun

1. Apidura’s 1L Frame Pack Bag

First up on our essential gravel gear list is the Apidura Waterproof Gravel Bag, featuring the compact and versatile 1L Racing Frame Pack. Perfect for those expansive day rides, this pack is designed to fit a variety of frame geometries thanks to its reversible design. Not just a space-saver, it includes a cable charging port for on-the-go power, and its welded construction with bespoke fabrics guarantees full waterproof protection. For riders facing unpredictable weather and terrain, this pack is a solid choice to keep your essentials secure and dry.

Check it out here.

2. Crank Brothers Candy 7 Pedals

Next on our must-have list for gravel aficionados is the Crank Brothers Candy 7 Pedals. The Candy 7 offers a generous platform that provides extra comfort and foot support on those longer rides, a crucial feature when you're miles from anywhere. But where these pedals truly shine is in their unparalleled ability to shed mud even having some platform support. This ensures that no matter how gritty the conditions get, you'll keep pedaling smoothly. For riders looking to blend comfort with performance, even in the muckiest conditions, the Candy 7 is a perfect match.

Check them out here.

Candy 7 pedals recommendation AMS gravel guide

3. Pas Normal Studios Escapism Wool Long Sleeve Jersey

Continuing with our essential gear for gravel enthusiasts, let’s talk about staying comfortable in cooler conditions. The Pas Normal Studios Escapism Wool Long Sleeve Jersey steps up as a critical layer for those chillier rides. This isn't just any long sleeve jersey; Crafted from a smart blend of polyester and wool, it leverages wool’s natural moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable as you push through the miles. Ideal for those days with varying temperatures and for riders who don’t let the cold dampen their spirit. This jersey is all about warmth, comfort, and endurance.

Check it out here.

4. AMS Sterrato Bar Tape

Next on our essential gear list is the AMS Sterrato Bar Tape, your go-to for superior grip and comfort on your gravel adventures. Designed with a keen focus on rider needs, this tape features a robust EVA base layered with PU for unmatched grip and durability through diverse conditions. Notable for its shock-absorbing gel, the Sterrato reduces hand fatigue, making those long rides more enjoyable. Despite its cushioned comfort of 2.5mm—feeling akin to 3.5mm—it boasts less bulk for a sleek, efficient handlebar setup.

Ease of adaptation and installation is another highlight, ensuring a perfect fit for your handlebars and leaving no residue upon removal. Whether you're navigating the rugged terrain of gravel, cruising on the road, or tackling the namesake sterrato (Italian for "dirt road"), this bar tape promises a versatile and reliable solution to keep you comfortable and in control.

Discover more about the AMS Sterrato Bar Tape here.

5. Crank Brothers S.O.S. Tire Lever + Plug Tool Kit

Adding to our indispensable gravel gear list, we present the brand new Crank Brothers S.O.S. Tire Lever + Plug Tool Kit, a standout choice for tackling those unforeseen moments on the trail which at AMS we like to call O.S. moments (oh sh*t). This kit is a masterclass in minimalist design, ingeniously integrating the tire plug tool within the tire levers. Very clever and minimal. Less is more. 

Perfect for riders who value efficiency and practicality. Stay tuned for more information on where to find the Crank Brothers S.O.S. Tire Lever + Plug Tool Kit.

Get to know it here

6. Unior Euro6 Multitool

Continuing with our selection of essential gravel gear, let’s talk about the Unior Euro6 Multitool, a streamlined, no-nonsense companion for every cyclist. Crafted by Unior, a leader in cycling tools, this multitool epitomizes the essence of simplicity and efficiency. Its lightweight design ensures it won’t be a burden, no matter where your ride takes you. Just the few tools you may need. No less. No more

Explore more about the Unior Euro6 Multitool and how it can simplify your ride preparations (and tribulations) here.

7. Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS Bike Computer

Leading our curated selection of essential gravel gear, we spotlight the Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS Bike Computer. There are many good GPS out there and it's hard to tell you which one is best so I'll just recommend the one I've been using since my beginnings in gravel, starting with the first huge version 1 (friends called it the Telefunken) and now with the evolved version 2. It really excels on navigation.

Discover the Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS Bike Computer here.

8. WTB Vulpine 40 SG2 Gravel Tires

Next on our must-have gravel gear collection is the WTB Vulpine 40 SG2 Gravel Tires, a game-changing addition to any gravel cyclist's arsenal. This newest tire offering from WTB stands out as a distinctive choice, especially when compared to its counterpart, the Resolute (my longtime partner in crime). The Vulpine 40 is designed to strike the perfect balance between speed and versatility, making it an ideal companion for both adventurous explorations and competitive weekend rides. At the heart of the Vulpine 40's design is its nearly uninterrupted centerline tread, engineered for maximized rolling efficiency. The minimal outer knobs are not just for show; they provide essential confidence during high-speed cornering and add an extra layer of protection against punctures.

Discover more about the WTB Vulpine 40 SG2 Gravel Tires here.

9. Fizik Terra Argo Ergonomic Gravel Saddle

Continuing our exploration of indispensable gravel gear, let's delve into the Fizik Terra Argo, an ergonomic gravel saddle. This saddle incorporates a short-nose design coupled with ample ischial support, positioning riders in a more secure and grounded stance. 

It prioritizes the rider's comfort which is particularly beneficial for the dynamic demands of gravel riding, where terrain variability and extended climbs necessitate versatile positioning. Moreover, the saddle features a slight thickening in the ischial sit bones area, providing enhanced support for a more upright riding posture

Check the Fizik Terra Argo Ergonomic Gravel Saddle here.

10. AMS Gravel Frame Guards

Rounding out our essential gravel gear list, we spotlight the AMS Gravel Frame Guards, a testament to All Mountain Style's innovation and leadership in bike frame protection. Drawing from their esteemed history in mountain bike frame protection, AMS has meticulously crafted a solution tailored to the unique demands of gravel biking. Recognizing that gravel riding requires less about impact resistance and more about maintaining a lightweight setup, these frame guards are designed to offer optimal protection without adding unnecessary weight.

Explore the AMS Gravel Frame Guards and how they can enhance the durability and longevity of your gravel bike here.


Gravel riding, for me, is more than a sport or a pastime—it's a way of “fixing the world” riding alone with my thoughts. It’s a way of having fun, laughing with friends and the best way to keep my aging body as young as possible. This essentials are just “things” but if those things improve my life: welcome they’re

As you gear up for your next gravel adventure, remember that the right accessories aren't just about performance; they're about making every ride, regardless of the destination, a richer, more enjoyable experience. I invite you to explore these essentials, find your favorites, and see where they take you. The beauty of gravel riding lies in its surprises, its demands, and, most importantly, in the stories we bring back. So, here's to the roads less traveled, the paths yet to be discovered, and the gear that will get us there. Dive into your next adventure with confidence, knowing you're well-equipped with the best in the game. And who knows? Maybe I'll see you out there, where the gravel ends and the adventure begins.

Product Name Why It's Selected Link to Product
Apidura’s 1L Frame Pack Versatile and waterproof, perfect for unpredictable weather and terrain. Buy Now
Crank Brothers Candy 7 Pedals Provides comfort and superior mud-shedding capabilities. Buy Now
Pas Normal Studios Escapism Wool Long Sleeve Jersey Combines warmth and moisture-wicking properties for cooler rides. Buy Now
AMS Sterrato Bar Tape Offers superior grip and comfort with a shock-absorbing gel. Buy Now
Crank Brothers S.O.S. Tire Lever + Plug Tool Kit A minimalist and efficient solution for tire repairs on the go. Buy Now
Unior Euro6 Multitool Lightweight and simple, essential for quick adjustments. Buy Now
Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS Bike Computer Excellent for navigation with evolved features from its first version. Buy Now
WTB Vulpine 40 SG2 Gravel Tires Balances speed and versatility for a range of gravel riding experiences. Buy Now
Fizik Terra Argo Ergonomic Gravel Saddle Ergonomically designed for comfort and a secure riding position. Buy Now
AMS Gravel Frame Guards Tailored protection for gravel bikes, maintaining a lightweight setup. Buy Now



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