What is a bike frame saver?

A bike frame saver is an essential tool for any cyclist, especially if you practice MTB or any other intense discipline where your bike’s frame is exposed to wear and tear caused by dirt, mud, rocks, and other debris.

AMS frame savers are made of lightweight and high-quality adhesive PVC that covers susceptible areas of your frame and protects it from damage.

Using a bike frame saver on your bike is a great way to preserve its value and make sure your bike stays in top-notch condition for years to come. 

At AMS we offer different types of bike frame savers depending on the type of bike you are riding and the areas you wish to protect. There are options for gravel, road, all mountain, e-bikes, and more. The frame-saver kits start with basic protection for susceptible areas all the way to kits offering total protection for your frame including areas such as the fork and  stays. If you want protection for specific parts of your frame, there are kits available too. 

Style is not a problem! Take your pick from the many available patterns and colorful graphics and add a touch of personalization to your bike.

How do I use my bike frame saver?

Setting up your bike with frame-saver protection is simple and straightforward. 

  • First, you'll need to choose the proper bike protection for your type of frame. Are you riding an all-mountain, gravel, or road bike? 
  • Next, you'll need to choose the level of protection you want for your bike. Is basic protection ok for your needs or do you want extra coverage?

  •  Last, match your bike’s style with the style of our frame saver for an awesome look.

  • Installation of AMS frame savers is quick and easy even on difficult curves of your frame. You don’t need special tools or solutions to apply adhesive protectors on your frame. At most, you’ll need a squeegee to remove any trapped air bubbles. 

    Before installation, make sure to clean the area where you'll be applying the guard or saver with rubbing alcohol or alcohol derivatives. Don’t use supermarket cleaners, as they have silicones that may deteriorate the adhesive. Finally, apply the precut frame protection and enjoy the new style and protected frame. For a lesser visual impact, there are clear protective kits as well.

     How do I protect my steel bike frame? 

    You’ve probably invested lots of time and effort into tuning and setting up your bike, so it’s important to properly care for it. Follow these tips to properly care for your steel frame:

    • Regardless of the type of frame you use, make sure it is well protected with frame savers, especially if you usually ride on rough terrains, gravel roads, and such.
    • Regularly inspect for rust and scratches to make sure the protection is doing its work and that you don’t have any rust susceptible areas. If you find some scratches or chips on your frame, take your bike to the shop for proper repair and tune-up.
    • It is recommended to apply a rust inhibitor to the inside of your frame to prevent internal rust. Make sure your seat post is sealed; apply a bit of thick grease if needed. 

    Take a look at our bike frame saver we have to offer and choose the bike protection that best fits your needs. We have different designs and kits available as well as other cool components to improve your riding experience.

    Carles Carrera

    Co-Founder, Product&Marketing

    Carles' passion for Enduro MTB ignited the creation of AMS. Nowadays, you're more likely to find him speeding along scenic gravel paths, enjoying the thrill of his gravel bike.