Universal 22mm bike grips

It seems there is a bike grip for just about every color and style; however, you will find that most grips are made with an inside diameter of 22 mm, which almost matches the outside diameter of your handlebar,  22.2 mm to be precise. The stretchy grip material accommodates the extra 0.2 mm and allows for a snug fit around the handlebars. AMS offers a wide variety of 22 mm bike grips made to fit a standard handlebar. They are super easy to install and secure. The modern design of our rubber bike grips includes a unique lock-on collar that prevents the grip from slipping or twisting while our foam grips attach firmly to the handlebars providing superior comfort and vibration damping.

Why is 22mm a common measurement for bike grips?

In general, more aggressive or intense riding styles require wider handlebars; however, handlebars for MTB and other disciplines commonly have a standard 22 mm outside diameter at the grips, so grip manufactures adapt this measurement to fit the standard handlebar.  22 mm bike grips are easily interchangeable and allow for easy upgrades and replacement when needed. This doesn't affect the outside diameter of the grip which will depend on the actual material layers and profile of the grip.

Choosing the right bicycle grips and accessories

Finding the right accessories is essential to ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. At AMS, our passion for MTB riding led us to produce not only outstanding 22 mm bike grips but other high-quality accessories that will enhance your riding experience. You can greatly benefit from the right combination of accessories and add a touch of personalization to your bike. Most of our accessories are made for universal fitting, so you won’t have any trouble adapting them.

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