Red Bull Rampage: The Ultimate Guide to MTB's Most Extreme Event

Introduction: What Makes Red Bull Rampage So Special?

You've heard the legends. You've seen the jaw-dropping YouTube videos. The nasty crashes. But what really sets Red Bull Rampage apart from any other mountain biking event? Stick around as we dig into the event that makes even the most fearless riders tremble.

Event Explanation: Why So Special?

Red Bull Rampage is not just another downhill race; it's a mecca for extreme mountain biking. In fact, it’s not even a race. It’s not the fastest who wins. It’s the rider with the best score from the judges.

Think of it as the gnarliest blend of big-mountain, slopestyle, and downhill disciplines. Set in the unforgiving terrain of Utah's Zion National Park, it serves as the ultimate test for skill, creativity, and courage.

Riders carve their paths down massive cliff faces (yes, they design and build their line through the cliffs, building ramps, berms and kicks), perform death-defying jumps, and string together insane stunts—all with zero room for error. This is where legends are born.

Logistics: The Nitty-Gritty Details

Where is it?

Red Bull Rampage takes place in Virgin, Utah, nestled within the imposing cliffs and buttes of Zion National Park.

How to Attend

The event typically happens in October. For example the 2023 edition (the 22nd year) will take place on October 13th. Spectators need to purchase tickets in advance and be prepared for a challenging hike to the viewing areas. Trust us; the effort is more than worth it.

Where to Buy Tickets

Tickets usually sell out quickly and can be purchased through the official Red Bull Rampage website here.

Red Bull Rampage 2022 Highlights

Witness the artistry and sheer bravery as riders take on the 2022 event. Here's a compilation of some of the most unforgettable moments:

The BIGGEST Runs from Red Bull Rampage 2022

A Special Mention: Kyle Strait

Kyle Strait deserves particular acclaim. Being a two-time champion and the only rider to have competed in every Rampage event, his name is synonymous with the contest. His lines are a pure masterclass in technicality and audacity.

Personal Bets/Opinions on This Year's Top Riders

Watch out for riders like Brandon Semenuk and Cam Zink, whose innovative styles make them top contenders every year. However, the Rampage is known for its surprises, so expect the unexpected!

Our bets of course go to AMS riders. Bienvenido Aguado is a confirmed attendee and Johny Salido is on the backup list.

What to Expect From the Track

Riders are given the freedom to carve their line, making each run entirely unique.

Here's a rider's POV for a better understanding of what these daredevils face.

Would You Ride It? | The Wildest POV's From Red Bull Rampage:

How do the riders get judged?

A panel of experienced judges scores each of the 2 attempts of every rider participating. They have 3 minutes to finish the ride and the judges score them based on:

  • Amplitude or Air Time
  • Fluidity and Control. It’s the flow ;-)
  • Tricks and Style
  • Line Choice. The more difficult the line the higher the score

Red Bull Rampage Winner List

While many attempt, only the greats manage to seize victory. Past winners include legends like Kyle Strait (2 times), Brandon Semenuk (4 times), Kurt Sorge (3 times) or legends of the early days like Cedric Gracia, each leaving their indelible mark on Rampage history. I still remember that Cedric Gracia descent on a costume.

AMS Collabs With Rampage

At AMS, we share the spirit of pushing boundaries. That's why we’ve partnered with Red Bull to bring to life special editions celebrating the event. From frame guards to handlebar grips and mud guards, our collaboration aims to redefine ruggedness and performance.

Here you have the full AMS X Red Bull Rampage collaboration 

Personal Conclusion of the Event

Red Bull Rampage is not just a competition; it’s a spectacle that pushes the boundaries of what's possible on two wheels. Whether you're a rider or a fan, this event resonates with anyone who appreciates extreme sports at their most raw and unfiltered.

Think of it as the Super Bowl of mountain biking.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of Red Bull Rampage? Trust us, once you get a taste, there's no turning back.

Carles Carrera

Co-Founder, Product&Marketing

Carles' passion for Enduro MTB ignited the creation of AMS. Nowadays, you're more likely to find him speeding along scenic gravel paths, enjoying the thrill of his gravel bike.