MTB Bike top tube stickers

Mountain biking can take a toll on your top tube’s finish if it’s not properly protected. The constant exposure to harsh trail conditions, strap-on accessories, knee pads, or transport on bike racks gradually takes a toll on your top tube and other parts of your frame. This is why it's important to use  bike top tube stickers or frame guards that can provide proper protection for your tube and other exposed parts of your frame.

AMS frame guards are designed to protect various parts of your bike, including the top tube, downtube, chainstays, and seat stays. These guards are made from high-quality PVC material that is strong and durable, yet lightweight and flexible. Installation is a breeze without complex procedures or tools. The precut shapes adapt easily to different frame styles even on difficult contours. 

Not just a decal but a frame protection system

The AMS frame guards are not just bike top tube stickers or decals to display on your bike but a universal protection system that is highly functional at safeguarding your top tube as well as other parts of your frame. Our frame guards at a personal touch to your ride with a range of stylish options and patterns.

Unlike some other types of guards or tapes, which can look unattractive, our frame guards don't ruin the look of your bike. They Improve it! You will keep your bike protected and looking great for longer.

Using our frame guards protection is a smart move for any mountain biker who wants to protect not only their top tubes but other critical areas of the bike’s frame. AMS frame guards are a great option designed for universal fitting and superior protection from scratches, impacts, abrasion, and cable rubbing.

Choose the kit that best suits your requirement, starting with our basic kits all the way up to our total protection kits which include pieces for your entire main triangle, fork, stays, and extra parts. 

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